I am not content growing alone. 

My woman intuition is guiding me to a #thatgirltribe that consists of women who celebrate, support, encourage and grow together

That Girl Natasha Lee-Maxwell 

That Girl Natasha has handpicked influencers, entrepreneurs, and moguls to partner with. The collaborations are formed professionals and business owners who are aligned with our purpose.

We are actively seeking boutique partnerships, photographers, videographers,  fashion co-branding opportunities,  media relationships, and entrepreneurs to collaborate with.   

 "Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life." – Amy Poehler

Meet Tricia Scott 

That Girl is The Female CEO 

Without a doubt #thatgirl is The Female CEO. Tricia Scott is a Femaleprenuer Maven.  Tricia is the sole director of The Female CEO, a community of awesome women coming together in support and empowerment and setting a new trend for female entrepreneurs across the world.

Tricia has worked with women from all walks of life both as the Female CEO and in her previous role as a business coach and mentor. Watching women come together and work through their struggles as well as celebrating their wins is the game changer. Knowing that working as a solopreneur can be lonely, these groups and support systems have become a lifeline to many. The mantra? 'You are never alone here'

The Female CEO - Create Evolve Overcome aims to offer support and guidance through various forms including specific training, a community-based Facebook page, interviews and coffee break catch ups with inspirational women (and men) from across the world, printables, blogs, and ideas and it's open to anyone. You don't have to have your own business to be part of it, far from it in fact. 
Tricia is a firm believer that amazing things happen when women come together in solidarity and that's what her business is all about - community driven empowerment and world-changing women.

'When I look back, working towards the freedom and empowerment of others is always something I've held close to my core. I always held a deep-rooted somewhat rebellious nature at heart. Growing up I always gravitated to those who were interesting and different for one reason or another, preferring to spend my days away from the conformity and structure of school and in my own thoughts and the comforts of home.

Leaving my school days behind I was quickly and easily swept into the corporate world, climbing every ladder of every job I was ever presented with. I was never happy to stand still, always looking for a higher position, higher learning and more to do. My free time was spent with people who preferred to stay on the outside of the norm, with different ideas and tastes. My mantra was always (and still is), never judge a book by its cover. Some of the most beautiful and interesting souls I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with were the friendships I developed at this time and I'm proud to say they continue to this very day.

Passionate about career progression I started work in an area I had absolutely no idea about at age 21 and was thrown in at the deep end (literally) it was a sink or swim kind of scenario. Determinedly I accepted the challenge head on and 10 years later I was awarded the title of Director to one of the most prestigious Real Estate companies in the area.

It was then that I started to address the not so little voice I'd had tapping away at my subconscious for as many years as I would admit to.

Over the years I'd faced my own personal hurdles, family tragedy, divorce and debt to name a few and when I paused and looked around I realised that women everywhere were stalled, scared and hiding their brilliance. I started to work with small groups of women at first, creating topics to start or further their businesses, focusing on the inner work as well as the outer. Confidence, support, empowerment, focus and passion became the foundation of our work leading to bigger groups, large scale speaking engagements, videos and eventually the birth of The Female CEO.

I feel so blessed to have met some of the most amazing and inspirational people on my journey so far and this is only the beginning!

When I'm not working I can usually be found on the beach, writing, listening to podcasts and dreaming up new ideas or spending time catching up with friends drinking coffee or cocktails and laughing until my stomach aches and my mascara is ruined (this happens a lot!!) laughter is indeed the best medicine.


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Without a doubt #thatgirl is Un@pologetic.  Dr. Pamela Gurley is the founder and CEO of Clark and Hill Enterprise; Co-founder and Host #Herspiration Happy Hour podcast; Adjunct Professor for the Florida Institute of Technology’s MBA program; Board Chair of Rohns Community Development (nonprofit); and Vice President of Saving Her Elegance (nonprofit). She brings a wealth of business experience to the #herspiration movement.

Since June 2014, Pamela Gurley has served as the Supervisory Budget Officer, having funding responsibilities domestically and in five international countries in four regions (Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Johannesburg, South Africa; Brussels, Belgium; Manila, Philippines; and London, United Kingdom).



Meet Pamela Gurley 

That Girl is Un@pologetic 

Before beginning her civil service career, Pamela spent 3 years as a program educator (independent business owner) for the Department of the Army; developing training and educating soldiers and their family members on the topic of domestic violence, child abuse prevention, stress management, and anger management. She began her federal career as a Management/Budget Analyst for the Office of Training and Professional Development for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. . Prior to working at the Department of State, Pamela was a Senior Budget Analyst for the Department of Defense, Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense.

Pamela believes in inspiring women and men; therefore, provides mentoring on career and personal development; as well as provide academic counseling to those seeking to pursue undergraduate and graduate level degrees. When her schedule permits, she also makes time to provide reading/editing services for masters and doctoral candidates, including providing mock proposal and dissertation defenses.


She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Leo University; a Master’s in Health Service Administration from Central Michigan University; and Doctorate in Management with a concentration in Organizational Development and Change from Colorado Technical University.

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Shanel K. Thomas has a fierce passion for fashion and improving the consumer buying experience. Shanel has always had a dream to own her own retail store, build a socially integrated app in order to help consumers build a diverse closet of fashion and have a fun discovery process to find new items they loved.

Her long-standing expertise in the fashion industry and retail sector makes her a uniquely suited person to design and launch an app that will change the way consumers connect with garments and fashion icons.



Meet Shanel Thomas 

That Girl is Kinetic Kloset 

From the very beginning, Shanel had an intense interest in fashion. She loved to create her own designs and experiment with different textiles and patterns. Her plan had been to become a fashion designer until sports snagged her attention. Shanel earned a Bachelors at the University of Houston in Sociology and a minor in Political Science built on her Associate in Arts to create a well-rounded and educated individual. 

Once Shanel was introduced to the world of business, she knew that her journey would lead her back to fashion in ways she never dreamed. Following that revelation and her success in retail, she knew that she wanted to improve the consumer experience and create connections between fashion icons, designers, and everyday consumers through social media.

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