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Being That Girl & The Detroit Pistons have partnered to impact Metro Detroit Communities in a significant way. Our initiative is to connect the youth to our community, teach them how to contribute to their success, show them career and entrepreneurial avenues, and introduce community leaders, influential entrepreneurs, changemakers, and small business owners while supporting the organizations and small businesses that make a difference. We understand that some youths will be on Spring Break while others will be in school. The Motorcity Community Fundraiser will be the perfect Spring Break Activity or field trip. We are also encouraging the residents of Detroit, both young and wiser, to come out for a fun-filled day, inspiring the next generation to be that girl and that guy who makes a difference. Community Leaders, Organizations, Teachers, Municiples, City Officials, Changemakers, Small Business Owners, Influencers, artists, and Celebrities are encouraged to come to share agape and community love. You are welcome to come out to support the community collectively. Participants will receive access to Community Basketball Tournament facilitated by The Detroit Phoenix Center and Being That Girl and the Detroit Pistons Event with upgraded Gondado Suite Tickets for the game. You can expect to enjoy the following agenda: Click the Button to learn more!

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Join us as we help the Detroit Pistons and Being That Girl by supporting these small businesses and organizations to continue to uplift the youth and our community through their programming, mentorship, and influence. 100% of the donations will be given to the organization.

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