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Being That Girl

Who's that girl la la la, they wanna know! I remember hearing this rap and going completely crazy. I could not believe what I was hearing. My mother's anthem was on the radio! I had never heard of any woman refer to them self as 'That Girl' outside of my mother. My entire life whether my mother was feeling fashionable hot, received a nice paycheck, my father's paycheck, a ladies night, a glass of wine, upset or any emotion for that matter, she would call herself 'That Girl'. (see behind the logo to learn more). Whether walking through the door or leaving the scene everyone recognized her as 'That Girl'

One day I turned the radio and BOOM Eve's song hit me like a ton of bricks. First of all, I was already a fan, anything Eve rapped, featured on, it was deemed my favorite rap song. "Who's That Girl" is the first single taken from Eve's second album Scorpion and her fifth U.S. single, whereas it was her debut single throughout Europe.The song reached number forty seven on the Billboard Hot 100, and number six in the United Kingdom. It was also number 97 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.This song forever sealed our relationship as Favorite Artist and Favorite Fan LOL because this rap made me think of my mother every time I heard it. I remember letting my mother listen in and she loved it. Just like that Eve was adopted as our family! Lol

It is my honor to feature EVE first in our Being That Girl Blog. Why? She's the epitome of what that girl means. After all she's the second person to vocalize this term in my life. She's Bold, Beautiful, Brilliant, Hilarious,Fly, Savage, and Talented. She's PHENOMENAL. Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper rapper and actress from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My girl has won Grammies and featured in the films Barbershop, Barbershop 2: Back in Business and Barbershop: The Next Cut, as well as Shelley Williams on the UPN television sitcom Eve. She has also achieved success in fashion, with her clothing line, Fetish. Who else watched EVE religiously??????

On top of that Eve takes control of her own life, pausing her career to enjoy life and experience love. She married a man that could certainly give her love and keep her lifestyle on track. She's so much like my mother LOL. Her latest appearance in the Lifetime Movie 'With this Ring' proved to me and her other fans that Eve still has it. We may not hear her blasting through our radio but honey Eve is working, when and how she see fit. Besides that Eve keeps her fans begging for more appearances whether music or films on just about every post. Girlllllll stop playing with us and give us more.

On another note, I wonder what she thinks about Remy Ma's Shether diss rap against Nicki Minaj? or I wonder if she's thinking about jumping in an error of rap where rappers really don't have raw talent anymore. Remy Ma and Nicki actually brought a form of excitement to the Hip Hop for a moment. Anyway back to Eve. It's just this simple I love her!

Eve's Attributes that reminds me of my mother, Delorse Starks.

1. She's bold and never afraid to speak her mind

2. Please put the money in her bag. Eve is certainly about her moolah.

3. She can rock some red lip stick

4. Having someone else's approval is irrelevant

5. Her fashion is impeccable

6. You betta watch your step because she's a pitbull in a skirt. :)

7. She's hilarious

8. She's classy

Just in case you don't remember Eve's song Who's that girl! Welll hit play and let her blow your mind!

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