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Do you ever notice that some of your best ideas come to you when you're just about to fall asleep or when you wake in the night? This used to happen to me all the time, so much so that I ended up keeping my mobile phone next to the next so that I could record quick voice notes and ideas. If I waited until morning those ideas were looonnggg gone.

I believe this happens because we don't allow enough downtime for our brains. We are constantly BOMBARDED with messages, advertisements, notifications, calls, emails, questions and thoughts. Our phones ring, ping and beep at us ALL DAY LONG and our brains are simply unable to properly manage or function. Its hardly surprising to me that my only really creative moments happened just as my body was shutting down for the night. It was the only tiny break in activity for the entire day!

I know as entrepreneurs, mum's, employees, carers (insert-one-of-a-million-functions here) we feel we need to push on. Get it all done. Remember everyone's needs and demands for fear of failure but in doing so we really aren't doing ourselves any favours. I mean, what happens if we do SO much that we can't function ourselves? It happened to me and you know what happened?? Let me tell you, because this was a total revelation to me...


Shock horror and disbelief! The world carried on turning. People managed their own functions, work still got done and there was no nuclear style fallout. Whhhaaatt??

You see what I learned was that in not taking care of my own body and giving it what it needed I was really only giving a small percentage of what I was capable of to the rest of the world anyway! When I slowed down and allowed my body (and mind) to rest more ideas came, my creative flow increased by 100%, I felt better and those around me got a brighter, happier and more fulfilled version of me every single day.

In an age of more, faster, brighter, bigger, rest becomes a radical concept but I dare you to be THAT rebellious and try it! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Trust me, I believe in you,

Tricia Scott, The Female CEO

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