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That Girl in The City

That Girl collaborated with The Styling Closet for their monthly Fashion Talk. Founders, Natasha Lee-Maxwell of That Girl and Latrice Delgado-Macon of The Styling Closet anticipate continuously bringing their tribes together to discuss all things W O M A N! We're EXCITED our collaboration and to share our platforms and experiences with one another.

On Saturday, October 20th, we called our girls and told them to meet us at The Capital Grille in Troy, Michigan. Our visit wasn't the best and unfortunately we can't give them Five Stars but the venue was pretty. Despite our service and food we managed to discuss The Importance of Tipping when dining and took some nice photos for our upcoming initiatives.

Our girls night consisted of many laughs, drinks and discovering the women tribe at our table.

Our Invites are currently exclusive and invite only. Follow The Styling Closet and That Girl to receive your handpicked invite to our upcoming events.

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