Myth or Reality: Women Don't Work Well Together

Millions of women give their unreserved support to their fellow women, irrespective of the situation they find themselves. These very women are open to work with other women for personal and/or professional growth and/or financial prosperity or uplifting. These are also women who make it a point to join forces and work with other women and work well. Whether a myth for some and a reality for others, the objective truth is that there are not as many women as it could be pulling up other fellow women. In most cases, women end up meeting themselves in the midst of other women who are either not willing or do not know how. Women that are able to burst the myths that women do not work well together are more likely to succeed. Why? Because working together is always better than in a vacuum.

It is more interesting to state that the creativeness of women working to achieve a particular goal is usually greater than that of men. Yes, you read that correctly. Women are far more creative than men because we develop from intuitiveness and the ability to bring things to life. Nonetheless, when competition is involved in the work, things begin to fall apart between women and often it is due to failed communication and sometimes…jealousy.

Overall, it is a myth that women don’t work well together. Why? Because look how far we have come. Yes, we may have a long way to go, but the class ceiling is not shattering because one or two women are hitting it. It is shattering because we are pulling other women up. By the way, it didn’t originally crack because of one woman. It cracked because of WOMEN!


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