Our Story 

That Girl has catapulted from a t-shirt fashion line into a pursuit to help women evolve into their best selves. This organization has partnered with many girl boss professionals and organizations like The Female CEO to support the success of women from youth to adulthood while empowering them through fashion, media outlets, and education.


As the Founder of Being That Girl, I am GRATEFUL for the immense support that I have received from my community and fellow #girltribe. My intentions, when creating the strategy for Being That Girl, was to capture my legacy, present a grand gesture and appreciation for my mother, Delores Lee-Starks who coined herself as That Girl. Yes, she is an original.  Furthermore, Being That Girl is a spinoff of the international online group HandPicked Ladypreneur, which became a sisterhood to offer genuine support and celebrate the success of other women both on and offline.

Delores Starks was known as 'That Girl' throughout my entire life. My mother would say, "I'm that girl" whenever she felt or looked stunning. Her family, friends, and even her grandchildren recognized her as being That Girl.

My mother was BOLD, THAT Girl was known for communicating it to a person straight without a chaser. Her trendy woman fashion and style would twirl heads. (Slayage day, noon, and night). Her favorite accessory was her Red lipstick. She was elegant, stylish, and BEAUTIFUL inside and out! It's apparent to me that she inherited her sense of fashion from her mother, Alberta Gray whom both shared the same birthday, February 15th. Delores was all about being financially stable, with that being said; Do not pass go, if you haven't collected $200. (LOL) Both our father and mother prepared my siblings and me the importance of hard work. My parents lead by example, showing us how to become independent and self-sufficient. 

That Girl had a love for Black and White fashion.RED lipstick was always her favorite accessory of her main necessities when getting dressed. Now you understand the inspiration logo for our logo design.  

Delores showed a massive amount of unconditional, indescribable love for her husband Major Starks, four children and five grandchildren, Dave Lee, Dewan Lee myself Natasha Lee-Maxwell, and the baby of the bunch Teawanna Myles. Juwan Collins assumed the crown as the sole grandchild for many years, then came Rashard Maxwell, Nathan Maxwell, Olivia Lee, Tia Maxwell, and Omari Lee. There's nothing that she would not do to make her grandchildren happy. Delores loved them immensely. She was an exemplary mother and grandmother.


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