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Who is That Girl?

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Hey, That Girl!

My name is Natasha Lee. I am thrilled to welcome you to Being 
That Girl. I am a serial entrepreneur, influencer, global ambassador for several brands, motivational/inspirational speaker, educator, visionary, community crusade, and advocate for all things SHEled. 

That Girl has catapulted from a t-shirt fashion line into a pursuit to help women evolve into their best selves. This organization has partnered with many girl-boss professionals and organizations like The Female CEO to support the success of women from youth to adulthood while empowering them through fashion, media outlets, PR, sports, entertainment, and education.


So fire up your engines ladies, we're heading straight to the top together!  

Delores Lee/Starks was affectionately known as 'That Girl'  throughout my entire life. My mother would say "I'm that girl" whenever she felt or looked amazing. Her family, friends and even her grandchildren knew her as being That Girl.