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The Chronicles of a Princess

I met “Wont” on an evening that I was practically dragged out of the house kicking and screaming to attend an event I wasn’t very excited about going to. I had been sick and recovering slower than I would have liked to. I never go out and my friends know it so they were insisting I go with them…….REPEATEDLY. “UGH! OKAY! I will go!” (as I rolled my eyes and quickly tried to figure out what to wear). We arrived at the club and we go inside. I’m sitting there sipping water (because I wasn’t in the mood to have a cocktail as I was still not feeling my best). I look around wondering ‘why am I here?’ Guy after guy approach me, and I have nothing to say. They’re all so LAME! My friends are enjoying themselves and I figured, I came, I showed my face, now it’s time to slip out.

Then it happened! Just as I was about to walk out the door, in walks “Wont”. He looked amazing! Our eyes met and my life changed at that very moment! I couldn’t believe what I had seen! There was something noticeably different about him. Everything moved in slow motion…

.As we passed each other we spoke to one another and I forgot that I was leaving. My new plan was not to leave but to return inside and meet him. The song “Who’s that lady” played in my head but I conveniently changed the word “lady” to “man” and knew I had to get to know him! Quickly, I made a mad dash into the restroom to get myself together…..lipstick, hair, make sure the ‘girls’ are up and smoothed my clothes and I was ready to walk out once again looking like a million dollars.

I walk out the restroom and boom! There he is... He bumped into me and I looked up into his eyes. I said I think you're bumping on purpose. (thinking I've never had I one night stand but this may be the night) He said, I am. My response: Talk to me. OMG he was about 6'4, arms super strong, back structure was on 10 million % strength. He smiled and his teeth were perfectly white, he smelled like his name was Bill Gates and he had a boy charm that drew me close to his soul... Stay tuned.... You don't want to miss this :)

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