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What It Means To Be Stunning: Wix Pro Olya Black

I was born and grown up in Far East of Russia, yes, it was cold there but only in winter! I graduated from University of Art and Culture and moved to Saint Petersburg the next day after my graduation. But it was again cold there and I did not have much to do but studying, so I graduated from a University again and moved to Moscow spontaneously. Then I understood that Russia is cold everywhere, from west to east and I moved to Turkey. Finally, it was warm. I lived there 3 years, had learnt Turkish language and culture.

Now I live in Australia and miss snow and cold weather mostly.

Olya Black

I haven't mentioned anything about my career, sounds like I was just moving around the world and did not work at all, but I did. I have been working in marketing since I finished my first degree, 15 years ago, we used fax machines to send design drafts. When all marketing went online I followed it and became online marketing specialist. In 2012 I came across Wix and we are together since then.

I became number 1 WIX designer in Russia. Even though I do not live there I want to warm up my country with hot looking websites at least!

I became the WIX Ambassador in Brisbane, Australia and I won huge international contest a couple years ago (really huge, 22 000 dollars in cash and rent office in any city of Australia for 1 year)

In 2014, I established WIX PRO studio with international hand crafted team of 7 ppl... About 200 sites, 7 awards and zero cent spent on own advertising.

I can’t express my gratitude to Wix for what I have now - the life anyone can dream about. Freedom, good income and confidence in my future. All I need is my laptop, my talent and a red lipstick.

Olya Black

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