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5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

1. Get Moving

Movement is medicine. I saw this meme on the internet and could not agree more. Pre-COVID, I joined Lifetime Fitness and it was life changing. Not only because I began to love the classes, but

because they offered free child care services and everyone was extremely attractive! Not only did this motivate me to upgrade my workout attire, but it definitely gave me a new sense of sexy. From dance fitness, yoga to kickboxing- Lifetime offered a variety of activities to get your body moving. Fitness and working out isn't just about a thinner waist and lift in all the right places, it is especially about improving your mental health. Exercising is known to produce endorphins and improve your ability to sleep. Moving your body helps release stagnant energy and is the most effective way to improve your mental health. Not interested in a gym membership or groups, check out YouTube! I also highly recommend Jamel's Top Fitness, Zumba with Ivy, Fitness By Julie and Yoga with N'Zinza.

2. Affirmations

Affirmations are KEY! You'd be surprised with the amount of noise and negative self talk that we create in our own minds. Think of affirmations as gentle reminders of how amazing you are. I have affirmations plastered all over my bedroom. It reminds me of 'Being Mary Jane' or Issa Rae 'Mirror Magic' moments on Insecure where she reminds herself who she is. If you've never watched that show either shows - both come highly recommended. Sticky notes, journals and note cards should fill your cars, homes, heart and workspace - serving as little love notes to yourself. These affirmations should be directed to whatever area of your life that requires wholeness, gentleness, ease or a little more love.

Your affirmations can include anything from:

I am beautiful. I am enough. I am amazing. I am purposeful. I am divine. I am THAT GIRL!

If you're on the GO, please check out Toni Jones, 'Affirmations for the Grown A$$ Woman'.

3. Building Healthy Rituals & Routines Discipline and consistency offers both abundance and success in most areas of your life. Creating healthy routines and rituals is pivotal to feeling good about yourself. I highly recommend implementing both into your daily practices. For example, a nighttime routine would include all the activities that aids in a good night's rest. My nighttime routine includes an evening workout session with friends. We normally get started around 7pm. It ends with laughter, reflection and love. It is usually followed by a hot shower, but on special nights - I take spiritual baths. This includes my favorite with my favorite herbs, orange slices, flowers or anything that makes me feel absolutely amazing. All my showers are like cleanses. I am intentionally washing off the day using my favorite soaps, gels and butters. Each night, I create a gratitude list and do some reading. If the day was incredibly amazing, I drop some notes in my "Joy Jar'. I write the details of what happened on a sticky note. I usually try to try away from electronics and devices one hour before bedtime. My yoga studies encouraged me to study my circadian rhythms and in my research I found that I am best when I get to bed by 10pm - no later. I end my night with a deep sleep playlist on YouTube. Some of my favorite practices are money and full moon rituals.

4. Get Fly Get FLY ... it's therapeutic!

If you have learned nothing from our FOUNDER, Natasha! Looking good is a large part of feeling good. Showing up for yourself is loads of fun and a great confidence booster. Whether this is getting a new haircut, pedicure or mani - spend some time on you! You are your best investment. Set a budget to a show up as your best self. Create a routine or ritual around beauty and getting fly. One way ritual I enjoy is yoni steams during my menstrual. I feel my absolute best after every steam. I am also a lover of protective styles, so a new wig makes me feel unstoppable. If fashion is your fun, check out any of our boutique partners or grab a "That Girl" t-shirt for an entire dose of FLY!

5. Find Your Tribe It is no secret that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. The awesome thing about association is that when you are around positive, business minded individuals - you are both motivated and inspired to do the same. For this reason, your network is incredibly important.

If you are looking for a tribe that will support your efforts and ambitions - look no further. We are here, SIS! THAT GIRL is home.

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