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Entrepreneur Powerhouse, Nukeyia Pearson

Nukeyia Pearson was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Entrepreneurship is in her blood. Both of her parents were entrepreneurs; her dad owned a local grocery store and her mother was a real estate property owner. Her parents always instilled entrepreneurship into her and her siblings; in the summers her mother would have them sell ice-pops to the local kids in their community and use that money towards school supplies. As an adolescent, she moved to Minnesota, where she went to junior high and high school. She currently lives in the Twin Cities where she went to Century College to obtain a degree in Human Services. After being a single mom for a couple of years she met her husband; while he was working in the information technology field. She and her husband married in Minnesota and are a true power couple.

They combined their skills to run Derx. She executes the product and he handles the business side. They have two children, a girl, and a boy. The Pearsons started Derx in 2020, but Mrs. Pearson has had experience cleaning homes for over 30 years. A lot of her ideas for the product came from generational cleaning techniques passed down from her family. But last year there were very few products without harsh ingredients on local shelves. So, they began to create their own product for their kids as well. They thought of all the harmful irritants that our children are subjected to and wanted to change that. Derx is a brand that is family-friendly that all communities can use because they consider you like family. Derx’s limited ingredients use a holistic approach with essential oils that makes everyday cleaning safe for adults and our little ones. Derx is a legacy brand that promotes simple ingredients that are not harmful.

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Jun 20, 2022

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