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Introducing Emusing Secrets and The Benefits of Emu Oil

Emusing Secrets is a company purchased in 2016 from Harvey Rudell, the original founder of Great Lakes Emu Products established in 1985. This company offers a variety of products including Emu Oil, hair care, products for hair loss, pain relief as well as skin care. Pet care products are even available!

Many Americans today deal with high cholesterol and are always seeking ways to lower it. Director of the Center For Chronic Disease Control with the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Robert Nicolosi, has proven through scientific research cholesterol can be dramatically lowered with Emu Oil. Linolenic (Omega-3 EFA) and Linoleic (Omega-6 EFA) both contain important nutrients influencing the immune system, smooth muscle activity, all organ systems, the circulatory and cardiovascular systems. Oleic can be used as an anti-inflammatory relief. This oil has been used for many years to monitor cholesterol in cooking.

Emu consists of fatty acids such as:

  • Linolenic

  • Linoleic`

  • Oleic

  • Palmitic

Click this link to visit Emusing Secrets official website

Check Emusing Secrets website to find the emu oil products that fits your needs!

Written by: Erica Foster



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