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Meet Scientist Zuri Dale

Zuri has been a lifelong lover of makeup. In 2018, she expanded her services to semi-permanent makeup and has since gained several certifications in the field. Zuri’s artistic eye coupled with attention to detail has allowed her to progress in the world of both makeup both traditional and semi-permanent. Zuri is an avid learner and holds a bachelor's degree in Biology from Texas Southern University and two Masters degrees from Texas A&M University.

As a perfectionist, she aims to make each client look their best with an emphasis on the integrity of the skin and stable healed work. Zuri is continually upgrading, learning and developing new techniques, and her understanding of art and skin science transfers wonderfully into the art of micropigmentation. Zuri is a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Texas and was awarded the PMU Women of Color Award for Best New Artist in 2019, SHEEO of the year in 2022, and the Best Speaker in Science of Permanent Makeup Award in 2022.

Outside of PMU, Zuri is a trained scientist. With a background in the sciences, Zuri developed a training program that hyperfocuses on bridging the gap between the art and science of PMU. Zuri avidly believes that is the science of PMU that yields stellar results and this is what sets her apart in service and training.

Outside of Artistry By Zuri, Zuri is employed as an Epidemiologist and her current work is exploring the virus that causes COVID-19. Specifically, Zuri is focused on the incidence distribution, and control of COVID-19. Zuri is enrolled in a doctoral program with slated completion in 2024.

Keep up to date @artistrybyzuri


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