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Meet The Catus Beauty Bar Founder,

Carla Halls is the founder of The Catus Beauty Bar. After a lifetime of living with severe eczema and sensitive skin, Carla used a variety of products to cope. She struggled to find a safe, natural, and effective line of products to use.

After much trial and error, she began to see great results with her skin. In 2013, she began selling moisture-enriching skincare products to family and friends. She now has a successful business that began as a hobby. The Cactus Beauty Bar is a beauty company that creates natural self-care products. The mission of the Cactus Beauty Bar is to create natural products that allow the skin and scalp to heal. Many skin types are inundated by eczema, acne, and psoriasis, just like the owner of TCBB. Their products allow people to feel beautiful inside and out.

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