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Being That Girl Ambassador Sharon McDougle Featured On Vocal Media

Sharon discusses how her career began in the Crew Escape Equipment (CEE) Department as a suit technician responsible for processing the orange launch and re-entry pressure suit assemblies worn by all NASA space shuttle astronauts. She was one of only two women CEE Suit Technicians and the only Black technician when she began her career. You can check out Sharon on Being That Girl who Made NASA and Black History on Vocal Media. Ofcourse during her Vocal Media Feature she showed out wearing Noisy Knits Tees! Before becoming an Ambassador for Being That Girl, Noisy Knits was the first fashion line Sharon used to empower women! Don’t forget to show support to Noisy Knits and let them know #thatgirl Sharon sent you!

Now that the Shameless Plug is over 😂💅🏽

McDougle made history when she suited up Dr. Mae Jemison for her historic flight aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on September 12, 1992. McDougle was promoted to Crew Chief making her the first female and first Black Crew Chief in CEE.

She was responsible for leading her team and ensuring the astronaut crews were provided with outstanding support during suited astronaut training, launch, and landing events. As Crew Chief, she had the honor of leading the first and only all-female suit tech crew.


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