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Publicist Petrona Joseph, Leading the Way for Canadian Talent in the US

In the bustling world of public relations, few names shine as brightly as Petrona Joseph. Known for her relentless drive and passion for elevating Canadian talent, Petrona has been making waves in the U.S. media landscape. Recently, we had the chance to catch up with her to discuss her latest endeavors and aspirations.

Please tell us about all things as of late in the world of Petrona Joseph.

Petrona: There’s a lot going on, but primarily- I’m focused on bringing Canadian talent to mainstream American media. The opportunities available in the US are far more reaching than in some other countries.

In particular, please tell us about leading the way for Canadian talent in the US. What is the goal for this endeavor?

Petrona: The goal is opening up more doors for bigger opportunities. The last city I lived in, doesn’t have a diversified talent roaster, meanwhile — there’s so much talent available. When I came to the US, my goal was to transport Canadian talent into tangible opportunities for my clients. Getting clients featured as talent for red carpets in the US is a huge dream, that I am now able to accomplish. With more opportunities, comes more money, larger networks and real growth.

In what way do you aspire to inspire fellow when in public relations?

Petrona: My only goal at this juncture is really to show others that going after their dreams takes grit and courage. But the rewards outweighs the sacrifice.

As a publicist, what are you most excited about for the rest of the year?

Petrona: Expanding my horizons and network. I am also very happy to see my clients featured in American magazines and publications.

Any other news you would like to share at this time?

Petrona: I will have talent at the BET Awards, and that in itself wouldn’t have been possible without the support and solid network of Publicists within the US, particularly Atlanta.

What is one of your professional pet peeves? What solutions do you have to resolve this?

Petrona: One of my professional pet peeves is being ghosted by prospects. It’s a common courtesy thing, if you can’t afford a Publicist, just say that.

For those looking to follow Petrona’s journey and stay updated on her work, she can be found on LinkedIn at Petrona Joseph and on Instagram at @iampetronajoseph.



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