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Whose That Girl? Serial Entrepreneur, Nichelle Walker

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Nichelle Walker is a force. She's a Chicago-bred serial entrepreneur who is breaking through the glass ceiling on her own terms. As a teen mom, who survived an abusive relationship she was forced to take control of her life and strive for greatness. The powerhouse first started her entrepreneur journey with her own indie book publishing company known as New Wave Mass Media.

From there, Nichelle transitioned her gifts to begin New Wave Music Group. Her music company was created after she dreamed of her son attending college but instead he wanted to be a rapper. She vowed that she would invest in his dream if he gave her a track that she could invest in. He did, and New Wave Music Group was born. Her umbrella brand, Global Wave Brands houses many of her other companies: Mela Basics, Iced Princess (Hair Bling), Crown Care Beauty, Pynk Skyy, Brooklyn & Bella and Palace Girlz.

Keep up to date via social media:

TikTok (justivfun), Instagram (nichelleslays) and Facebook (nichellealexander)



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