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Skyn by Chi Owner, Chiquita Zachery

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Chiquita Zachery is a wife and mother of 3 plus 2 bonus kids. For the past 18 years, she’s been employed at Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, Ga. She was born and raised in New Orleans (Magnolia Project). She moved to Atlanta when she was 19 years old. Her childhood was very challenging growing up in the projects. There was a lot of violence and she saw a lot as a child. But as a little girl, she knew life was bigger than New Orleans and she was determined to control her own destiny.

She was inspired to create Skyn by Chi after experiencing a hormonal imbalance that caused her face to breakout, resulting in emotional distress and scarred skin. She tried everything that you can imagine to get rid of her adult acne, facial hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), and dryness. After countless hours researching effective ingredients that addressed her adult acne, hyper-pigmentation, uneven texture, and dehydration without reducing the nature collagen, she birth Skyn by Chi.

She created and tested her skincare products on herself, close friends, and family and saw amazing results. Since launching, her products have been received with high praise and raving reviews.

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1 Comment

Jun 20, 2022

Yes to beautiful skin! 💫

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