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Have you tuned intoThe Female CEO(TFCEO)yet? If not, you're missing out on a great opportunity to create, evolve and overcome women located from the United States to the United Kingdom. In fact, my CEO girls affectionately call me their stateside girl. That's right our tribe is international! Now our Founder is going to strut her KNOW HOW in TFCEO private community!

Natasha Lee, Founder of Being That Girl has been a founding Guest Editor since the digital platform origination. Founder, Tricia Scott, and Natasha made a girl pact to collaborate over compete, to break barriers where they exist, and to be without a doubt that girl who empowers women. Our sisterhood managed to break the prejudices of ethnicity, location, culture, and women's competition. The fact that we offer some of the exact same services. We are redefining what women empowerment looks like. Natasha decided to make The Female CEO a Collaborative Partner of the Being That Girl Organization to help spread awareness of amazing women stateside.

Beginning this week on 2/18/2021, Thursday, the That Girl Knows segment will Kick off in TFCEO private Facebook group, Join here. Don't forget to mention #thatgirl sent you. Are you ready to learn who and what That girl knows?

Here's the schedule: FACEBOOK GROUP LIVE: That Girl Knows

2-18: How to Start a Home Based Business using Technology- I will do a Live Watch Party of our conversation that’s on your youtube page. Afterward, we will have a Q& A to discuss their business or freelance queries. Following up on a conversation Tricia and I had during the start of the covid19 outbreak. If you missed it, here it goes: Watch this before Thursday, I'm going to constantly refer to this video!!!!

2-25-How to overcome fears to Screw The Nine to Five- Provide essential tools to help overcome the fears of failing, procrastination, constructive criticism, lack of support, and illness. Featuring guest editors and that girl tribe members.

3-4 How to build create a marketing strategy- Hacks on the latest marketing strategies using SEO, blogs and social media platforms, gorilla marketing and so much more

3-11 How to overcome mentorship nightmares without an effort to continue to empower more women-Often times the women mentors lack a space to vent their frustrations about mentoring specifically other women we often wonder are other leaders experiencing the same issues. During this life, we will share experiences and solutions of how to create better mentor/mentee relationships.

3-18 How to start a retail business- From conception to reality! Natasha will teach the group essential tips for starting a retail business.

During the live episodes don't miss the opportunity to win 20%-%40 off business service and apparel. Get ready to create, evolve and overcome.

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