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The Diary of Being That Girl

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Over the last few months I’ve learned the benefits of moving in silence. Especially last month. I heard y’all was talking about the #thatgirl💋 awards like the #oscars. Reminders from Angye Ennis II Angela Lee Denise Lee ! Move in silence this way the enemy can’t attack you!

You know you made it when your name on the tip of everybody tongue! Mostly amazing things, but I hear the haters in the city whispering. Y’all can band together 10 fold. Regardless, what’s for me is for me and NO ONE can stop it. Detroit is made with leaders and visionaries but it’s also filled with cliques and envious people. Last month I had a lot of ‘you people’ try me (pun intended) there will not be another opportunity.

Newsflash, I’m never afraid to stand alone. Ask my family & friends, If I must do it alone, baby I will. I ALWAYS share the victory in the end. I celebrate others because I love too and I love showing appreciation for those who truly do the work. I want to be very clear, because the city believes when you admire someone it’s “clout” The last time I checked my name is the ONLY name I’ve ever used or needed to walk into ANY door. It’s also the only name I’ll ever need. It’s not what’s on me, it’s whats in me. Any table I seat at, I come fully capable, skilled, prepared and funded. This isn’t me coming off with an ego, it’s me being publicly frank and fully confident in saying “what’s mines is mines” It’s also saying that I’m human and this business industry is as treacherous as the music industry.

Everything I speak about regarding That Girl becomes a reality the same as Make Your Dreams Come True Corp. I haven’t operated without making history and breaking records in my industry, my own lane. I’m not into material things YET because I’ve been investing my money into invisible things for nearly 18 years. Seems long, but it’s worth 100% ownership and doing things EXACTLY my way! It’s always the people who only understand visual & fake wealth who never see the bigger picture until it’s right in their face. Well, pull up a seat, put that egg on your face because IVE ARRIVED and I did it with me and my GOD Jehovah.


Y’all will never understand the adversity I experience behind the scenes. Pray for me, because IM NOT STOPPING!!!

Message from family. I can feel it and I receive it. What she said!!!

You want my spotlight flash, well you ain’t go get it” Name that movie 😂😂

What frustrations are you experiencing in business?

How do you combat negative feelings when elevating to the next level?

Should CEO's publicly share their emotions?

This is a rant.



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