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The Millionaire Creator: Government Contracts Strategist, Dr. Karwanna D

For the first time in history, the knowledge that Government Contracts Strategist, Dr. Karwanna D is providing allows ordinary people to make wealth and become millionaires by following a simple system to help entrepreneurs. Dr. Karwanna has helped over 200+ business owners generate in excess of $ 3 million and grow in revenues. In 2022 she’s created even more millionaires and aims to continue to do so for communities around the country.

She wants all small business owners to obtain this knowledge and grow. She is on a mission to spreading this knowledge about all the resources and tools that are out there.

Karwanna has learned how to build a business from the ground up and that includes establishing your business, marketing, branding, building a website, understanding your target market, and more.

If you think this applies to you, check out the Trillion-Dollar GovCon Qualifier App Karwanna D has created. An easily accessible tool for anyone interested in getting pre-qualified for government contracts. This app will tell you what small business government contracting programs you qualify for and what you need in business to be eligible for contracts.

The app is available on Apple and Android.

You can also learn more about Karwanna D and the work that she does by reading her latest book ‘Don’t Duck the Government, They’ve Got Your Money’ or by connecting online.

More on Dr. Karwanna D

Dr. Karwanna D is the Owner of She’s Got Goals, LLC. She’s Got Goals, LLC was birthed out of her drive to share information. As she learned about various ways to make money in business, Dr. Karwanna shared that with others. Now that she’s learned how to sell to the #1 biggest paying customer a small business could ever acquire, she just wanted to tell other women about it who had goals of their own and who were optimistic about achieving them. So She’s Got Goals, LLC is a small business coaching and consulting firm designed to empower women in business with tools, tips, and strategies to successfully start and grow a small business and position their business as a vehicle to create generational wealth and her 5 Day Challenge to help business owners get pre-qualified to sell to the government is a great entry point into government contracts. You can find it at

Keep up to date: @karwannadspeaks


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