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We work with our business owners and ambassadors daily to make sure they have what it takes to succeed. Our main goal is to inspire and develop female entrepreneurs internationally. 


That Girl is a company designed by a woman, focused on celebrating, supporting women, and working to empower women.


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BEING THAT GIRL is currently looking to offer 100 WOMEN the opportunity to join our team of Account Managers to sell and promote our products and services; while exposing and expanding your brand!


You have NEVER seen a business model literally designed to help the tribe elevate. Must be motivated and passionate about entrepreneurship and acquire an entrepreneurial mindset.


Start-Up (get individual discount codes and granted access to the website)


1). $299 Kit & Website Access  
This Kit includes 2 THAT GIRL (Best-Sellers T-shirts), That Girl Back Drop & Prompt, business cards, information cards, & product samples including wine glass, t-shirt, mask, mugs, hat, etc. (samples included in sample kit may vary). 35% off personalized link, & discount code, that girl hub membership, and access to our private networking group. 



2). $129 Kit & Website Access  
This kit includes Business cards, information cards, a t-shirt, wine glass, 20% off personalized discount code and access to a private networking group, that girl hub membership 



Awesome Opportunities Awaits YOU


Organizational Support

  • The Being That Girl Agency supports our highest performing Account Managers with growing their revenue in every way.

  • Our expectations are that our tribe exceeds the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and Sales Benchmarks.

  • Being That Girl will provide free paid and non-paid vendor & boutique placement service.

  • Being That Girl will also promote Account Managers via media outlets and social media, giving them an opportunity to market and advertise brands that they also love.  

  • You will never feel alone operating as Account Manager. Onsite and Virtual Training Calls and Meetings are scheduled weekly or Schedule to speak with your assigned Lead Account Manager Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. 

Dollar Bill in Jar

Exciting Incentives

  • Purchase the $299 kit and earn 35% in retail potential profit automatically or make $1000.00 in sales of products to earn 50% in potential retail profit and/or commissions. Earn an additional 20% in compensation from all services, events, and/or courses sold. 

  • Purchase the $129.00 Kit and make $700.00 in sales to earn 20% in potential retail profit and/or commissions. Earn an additional 10% in compensation for all services.

  • Account Managers have the potential to earn 50% profit after reaching $1000.00 in product and service sales. (After accumulating $1000 in sales Account Managers who purchased the $129  kit will automatically be upgraded to the top tier). 

  • Account managers who opt in to sell other services, events, and or courses (listed on website and business app) sold compensates with 20% potential retail profit

  • Account Managers receive a 15% sales commission of their member's monthly revenue.

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Increase Earning Potential

  • Vendor shows (must be booked and approved by THAT GIRL Admins)

  • Store and Boutique Placements through our collaborative boutique partnerships.PLACEMENTS FEES: $250.00 Instore & Ecommerce, $125 e-commerce only fees are paid by Account Manager or Boutique Owner to Being That Girl pending individual agreements between the all parties.

  • DISCLAIMER: If the Account Manager pays fee, they will receive full profit from items sold. If the owner pays the fee, Account Manager will earn 20% profit from items sold.

That Girl

Living Legacy

That Girl started in loving memory of my beloved mother, Delores Lee-Starks. Her sudden death in 2017 encourages her family to keep Jehovah's promise and hope of everlasting life.  Natasha Lee, Founder of Being That Girl began crafting the brand in 2018 to keep her mother's memories near and dear to my heart.  Natasha says, " My mother was always my mother, but later in life, she became my best friend. " This is why the Being That Girl Empowerment Firm and Agency is so important. It is a living legacy dedicated to the memory of the love and joy she created for her family and friends live and to helping other women to become the best they can be on a daily basis!  


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