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My name is Natasha Lee-Maxwell. I am thrilled to welcome you to That Girl. I am a serial entrepreneur, influencer, global ambassador for several brands, motivational/inspirational speaker, educator, visionary, community crusade and advocate for all things SHE led. 

That Girl has catapulted from a t-shirt fashion line into a pursuit to help women evolve into their best selves. This organization has partnered with many girl boss professionals and organizations to support the success of women from youth to adulthood while empowering them through fashion, media outlets, and education.


So fire up your engines ladies, we're heading straight to the top together!  

Delores Lee/Starks was affectionately known as 'That Girl'  throughout my entire life. My mother would say "I'm that girl" whenever she felt or looked amazing. Her family, friends and even her grandchildren knew her as being That Girl. 


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We are thrilled to announce we are now offering the following services, Surprise Success Parties, Business Showers & Exclusive Girl Boss themed events that will include a host of services including stylists, videography, photographer party themes, event planners, and so much more. In addition, Being That Girl will offer business workshops, seminars, award ceremonies and practical learning/life experiences that will be unforgettable.


That Girl Events are open to the general public. Our events are created to support, celebrate and recognize women who exemplify being that girl. Furthermore, our events are to educate, empower and help women evolve in their best selves.  Events are held throughout the United States and United Kingdom. 

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That Girl

Brave Heart Brunch
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
That Girl is Brave! Join us for Brunch to celebrate women with Brave Hearts. Our Brave Hearts will be awarded for defeating their opponents domestic abuse and violence, medical illness and economic disparities that did not prevent them from taking their rightful place in society.
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
You're invited to take a seat at the table with the influential women of Detroit. Join us for an enchanting afternoon of self-discovery, inspiration, Q & A and above all things knowledge on how to take an elevated position in beauty, fashion, business, nonprofit and government based industries.
Virtual Game Night with Being That Girl
Tue, Mar 24
Mar 24, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Join us this Tuesday, March 24 at 7pm for an evening of Virtual Game hosted by That Girl Natasha and That Girl Sharon. On March 24th join us for a game of family fued and jeorpardy.
That Girl Houston Launch Party
Sat, Jul 06
Sharespace - Naylor St.
Jul 06, 2019, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sharespace - Naylor St., 1120 Naylor St, Houston, TX 77002, USA
We anticipate a spectacular night of acknowledgement and appreciation as we celebrate and laud the success of notable women of Houston. Our panel discussion will include women who have made and are still making history. Women who's groundbreaking maverick exemplify being "That Girl".
That Girl Surprise Success Shower #3
Sun, Jun 09
The D Loft
Jun 09, 2019, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
The D Loft, 9427 Joseph Campau Ave, Detroit, MI 48212, USA
Hey #thatgirl, It's that time again!!!!! Are you ready for this explosive surprise success shower? We are excited to celebrate, support and honor your loved one. Remember to keep things quite, shhhh it's a surprise!!!!!!!! All donations will be used to gift our recipients.

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That Girl brand is all about supporting and empowering women as we are passionate about women's success. Indicative through our distinct design, we truly want to make our...
Surprise Success Shower

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