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Community Initiatives


"Game4Good-Nonprofit Fundraiser" is an inspiring community initiative aimed at raising funds for nonprofits through the power of gaming. By harnessing the popularity of video games and the passion of gamers, the initiative creates a unique opportunity, for nonprofit organizations can participate in fundraising during games, participate in community tournaments, and challenges to generate donations for various charitable causes. This innovative approach not only engages the gaming community but also highlights the potential of using interactive and entertaining mediums to drive positive social change. Through Game4Good, participants can make a meaningful impact by simply doing using gaming ad sports events to fundraise"

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Being That Girl Agency took a visionary step by establishing an engaging forum that delved into the transformative potential of literacy and STEM in education across Michigan. By facilitating meaningful connections between local educators and organizations specializing in these fields, the agency sparked a collaborative movement. This dynamic forum not only fostered relationships but also laid the foundation for innovative educational approaches, offering students throughout Metro Detroit unconventional and enriching learning experiences that amalgamate the realms of literacy and STEM.



Introducing the Bizboost Tour, an inspiring initiative led by That Girl Natasha Lee, along with influential personalities and celebrities, as well as the dedicated That Girl Tribe. This dynamic tour brings a powerful message of empowerment to the heart of Detroit. Through a unique blend of shopping, community engagement, and spotlighting local businesses and restaurants, the tour aims to uplift the community while nurturing youth organizations. Join us in making a meaningful impact, fostering growth, and strengthening the spirit of Detroit.

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The Being That Girl Community basketball tournament serves as a bridge between the youth, influential community figures, local leaders, nonprofit organizations, and sports leagues. This dynamic event not only showcases the power of sports in fostering valuable relationships but also embodies our commitment to empowering the next generation. Through the spirit of competition and camaraderie, we aim to create a lasting impact that unites our diverse community under the banner of growth, mentorship, and shared values

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Community Outreach through Sports

The impactful partnership between BUF of Michigan and the Detroit Lions has paved the way for the Being That Girl Agency to contribute. By spearheading the promotion of community initiatives, distribution of complimentary tickets, and implementing creative social media outreach strategies, Being That Girl Agency is driving awareness for the BUFF of Michigan collaboration. Through these efforts, the agency aims to galvanize community support for both BUFF of Michigan and the Detroit Lions, fostering a stronger sense of unity and engagement



In partnership with the Black United Fund of Michigan and Ford Fund, Natasha Lee and Dr. Linda McClain orchestrated the Youth Careers Exploratory Academy. With invaluable support from the Being That Girl Agency, which not only facilitated the program but also handled marketing,  enrollment processes, t-shirt design, and print, the initiative was able to reach its intended audience effectively. The Academy's comprehensive offering, including curriculum, online courses, and a dedicated platform, was tailored for 6th to 8th-grade students at the Ford Exchange and Resource Center. Through this collaboration, 45 students were directly impacted, gaining exposure to a range of Ford professions, career options, and STEM roles, ultimately nurturing early career exploration and development. This program is free to the public.

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During the challenging times of the pandemic in 2020, Being That Girl demonstrated unwavering compassion by providing free obituary services to the public. Understanding the profound impact of loss during these trying times, the organization extended a helping hand to families worldwide, easing their pain and offering relief. Through their free services, Being That Girl offered a source of comfort, allowing families to honor and remember their loved ones with dignity and care, even amidst the constraints of the pandemic.

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Brand Story & Celebration 

Our brand story unfolds as we celebrate the essence of entrepreneurship and community at the heart of Detroit. Through the vibrant blend of music, a captivating fashion show, and an infusion of positive vibes, we come together to spotlight the remarkable journey of small business owners. With shared stories of humble beginnings and triumphant growth, we honor their unwavering dedication while showcasing how their brands have blossomed from inception to the inspiring achievements they stand as today.

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Game4Good-Nonprofit Fundraiser" is a community-driven initiative designed to raise funds for small businesses through the immersive world of gaming. By leveraging the widespread appeal of video games and the enthusiasm of gamers, this endeavor offers a distinctive platform where small businesses can engage in fundraising during gaming sessions, partake in friendly community competitions, and embark on challenges to secure donations for various essential causes. This innovative approach not only taps into the gaming community's active involvement but also showcases the potential of interactive and entertaining mediums to effect positive change. With Game4Good, participants have the power to make a significant impact while enjoying gaming and sports events.

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Welcome to Being That Girl's collaborative fashion designer collective—a hub of creativity and collaboration. Our platform not only fosters partnerships among designers but also propels emerging talents into prominent marketplaces like Macy's, vending opportunities, and prestigious fashion shows. This initiative showcases the immense power of unity, proving that together, we can amplify our impact and strengthen the fashion industry as a whole.

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