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Welcome to the heart of our impactful collaboration! Being That Girl is proud to present Game4Good, a dynamic initiative designed to empower small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and youth organizations to reach new heights. Our partnership with the Detroit Pistons is at the core of this transformative journey.

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Being That Girl Game4Good is a platform where purpose meets passion. Our mission is to spread awareness, drive fundraisers, host giveaways, and initiate community-focused events that leave a lasting impact. Through our collaboration with the Detroit Pistons, we're excited to extend an exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets at the best rates possible while supporting the community and enjoying the best giveaways and perks for the game.

                                                                  Why Game4Good?

  • Empowering Communities: We believe in the power of community initiatives. Game4Good serves as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring and empowering the youth and the entire Detroit community.

  • Discounted Pistons Tickets: Our partnership with the Detroit Pistons allows us to offer tickets at discounted rates, ensuring that you not only enjoy an incredible game but also contribute to meaningful community endeavors.

  • Community Tournaments: Dive into the excitement of our community tournaments, where spirited competition meets a shared commitment to making a difference.

  • Special Community Initiatives: Experience the magic of our special community initiatives, each designed to create moments that resonate with the heart of Detroit.

  • Being That Girl Awards: Celebrate excellence with the Being That Girl Awards, recognizing those who have made outstanding contributions to the community.


Join Us in Making a Difference:

Your ticket purchase is more than a pass to a game; it's a ticket to positive change. Join us in our mission to uplift, inspire, and empower. Purchase your discounted Pistons tickets through Game4Good and be a part of a community that's making waves in Detroit.

Together, we're not just watching the game; we're changing it.

Ready to be part of Game4Good? Purchase your discounted Pistons tickets now and let the impact begin. Check our work for Game4good last year. 

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    Welcome to Being That Girl's Detroit Pistons 2023-2024 Season!

Being That Girl's Detroit Pistons Get ready for a season filled with excitement, community support, and basketball magic! Our relationship with the Detroit Pistons goes beyond the court as we join forces with incredible organizations and sponsors to make a positive impact on the community.

Being That Girl's Detroit Pistons Season Highlights:

  • Exclusive Giveaways at the Being That Girl Concourse Table: Stop by our concourse table during the games for exclusive giveaways, interactive experiences, and a chance to connect with fellow fans who share the same passion for community support.

  • Support Small Businesses: Discover and support local small businesses featured at our events. From trendy fashion to unique accessories, you'll find something special while contributing to the growth of our community.

  • Donate to Nonprofit Organizations: Being That Girl proudly sponsors Glams Nonprofit Organizations, providing educational, grooming, and mentorship programs to girls aged 8-12. Your contributions help shape the future of these young minds.

  • Presenting Sponsors: Dr. Michele Leno and Cassy Jones-McBryde, Prime Nation: Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Michele Leno and Cassy Jones-McBryde, Prime Nation, for their generous support in making this season unforgettable.

Who are we spotlighting?

  •  Forever Fresh Brand: Focused on making the community healthy, Forever Fresh Brand hosts annual bike giveaways and back-to-school fairs. Join us in promoting a healthier lifestyle for all.

  • Bag Crush: Indulge in luxury fashion for a cause! Bag Crush raises funds to take the runway during Fashion Week 2024, supporting creativity and innovation in our community.

  •  Chokeherskins: Experience the artistry of custom one-of-a-kind leather and embellished accessories. Chokeherskins is working towards facilitating its first wearable art exhibit, bringing a unique touch to our community.

  • The Insurance Lady: Providing free 2K insurance policies to the community, The Insurance Lady equips us for future and unforeseen occurrences. Your safety matters, and we're here to support you.

  • Paris Tax Service: Empowering the community with free tax services and courses, Paris Tax Service aims to create a quarterly community baby shower for teen and single parents. Join us in building a supportive community.

  • Prodigy Hands Custom Wigs: Catering to those facing hair loss due to diseases, sicknesses, and conditions, Prodigy Hands Custom Wigs brings confidence and beauty to our youth and adults.

  • Prime Nation: Offering free internet, cell phones, and tablets to qualifying consumers, Prime Nation supports those who receive Snap benefits, free lunch, pell grants, or low income. Stay connected with the world around you.

Join Us in Making a Collective Impact!

This season, your ticket purchases and donations directly contribute to the success of these organizations and initiatives. Let's come together as a community and show our support for a brighter future.

Purchase your tickets now and be part of the change!

Being That Girl's Detroit Pistons - Making a Collective Impact on and off the Court.

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