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At Being That Girl Agency, we take immense pride in championing the dreams and aspirations of our clients. Here, we celebrate the remarkable journeys and triumphs of those who have embarked on the transformative experience of partnering with Being That Girl as our clients, partners, and sisters or brothers. 

Brand Elevation : 

Witness the elevation of personal and business brands! Our clients have experienced unprecedented growth in brand visibility, establishing themselves as influential figures within their industries

Diverse Industries, One Success Story :

From tech innovators to creative visionaries, Being That Girl has successfully guided clients across diverse industries. The common thread? A shared commitment to realizing their fullest potential.

Building Lasting Connections :

Being That Girl fosters a community of collaboration and support. Our clients not only achieve personal success but also forge lasting connections within our vibrant network.

Spotlighting our lastest results. 

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Project Name

Discover the extraordinary journey of Being That Girl Natasha, a trailblazer who not only embraced the role of a Super Virtual Service Provider. the first of two globally to receive this honor.  Now it's called an Independent Business Operator (IBO). In 2006, Natasha founded Make Your Dreams Come True, a virtual call center that has since evolved into a thriving Business Process Outsourcing Firm. 

Through a strategic partnership with Arise, Natasha's leadership resulted in the recruitment of over 1500 agencies, propelling her call center to the forefront as one of the first two to achieve a million-dollar milestone. Natasha's impact extended beyond borders as she played a pivotal role in enlightening both the United States and the United Kingdom about the vast opportunities of working from home opportunities. 

Natasha's influence doesn't stop there—she generously shared her successful business model, empowering over 10 clients to establish their own call centers with hundreds of employees. Her commitment to continuous improvement led her organization to conduct beta testing, ensuring the refinement of processes and providing valuable feedback for IBOs to enhance their operations.

Being That Girl Natasha stands as a beacon of success, having mastered the provision of virtual customer service, technical support, email responses, and sales and marketing services for global giants like Apple Computers, Disney World, Xfinity, Carnival Reservations, and many more. Natasha was also the first IBO to use the Arise platform as a course at a community college.

The courses were  offered for nearly five years. 

Her groundbreaking work within the industry transcended Arise, enabling Natasha to independently secure contracts with companies worldwide. Natasha's legacy is imprinted on the industry, marked by unparalleled business models, innovative marketing strategies, and transformative hiring practices. Natasha exposed the platform to others globally for nearly 18 years consecutively. 


Her ability to teach and inspire others will forever be a historic moment for women, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of virtual entrepreneurship. Join the Being That Girl Tribe and be part of a legacy that celebrates empowerment, innovation, and unprecedented success!

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Project Name

Embark on an incredible journey with Being That Girl as we celebrate the immensely rewarding partnership with the Detroit Pistons—an integral chapter in our history. Over the past two seasons, Being That Girl has not only engaged organizations, communities, and fans but has also set out to empower the youth, encouraging them to envision a future beyond the basketball court.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire the younger generation to explore opportunities in sports beyond just being players. Being That Girl has played a pivotal role in elevating the Detroit Pistons' outreach by involving the That Girl Tribe and the Detroit Metropolitan area in the game, utilizing the team's presence to uplift the community.

Our initiatives have successfully exposed youth to basketball games, providing an unforgettable experience for those who had never attended before. The Community Basketball Tournament, a friendly game spanning youth to adulthood, brought students and community members together, fostering a sense of camaraderie on the court.

In addition, the Being That Girl Awards have honored influential women in the Detroit Metropolitan area, recognizing their impact on small businesses and community activism. Through our efforts, we've achieved remarkable milestones, including selling over $17,000 in tickets for a single game—an unprecedented feat that catapulted Being That Girl to the #4 rank in partnerships of its kind.

As we move forward, the collaboration with the Detroit Pistons continues to evolve, with the introduction of a co-branded Detroit-themed T-shirt for the 2024-2025 season. This unique opportunity signifies a new chapter in our partnership history, symbolizing the collective power of community engagement and ticket sales. Join Being That Girl in making a lasting impact, as we continue to break barriers and create meaningful connections both on and off the basketball court. Be part of the legacy, be part of the tribe!

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Project Name

Being That Girl Agency's collaboration with The Black United Fund of Michigan and BUF Connect stands out as a pinnacle achievement in our career. Our diverse and unique approach to each relationship is a testament to our capabilities. In just one year, Natasha and her team significantly contributed to BUF of Michigan's value, leading to our CEO being appointed as the Director of Project Management and the President of BUF Connect's millennial council.

A very small snapshot of achievements includes our impact extended beyond organizational roles; we played a crucial role in elevating BUF of Michigan's social media presence, marking a historic milestone in its 53-year history. Collaborating with BUF of Michigan and the Detroit Lions, we initiated a Financial Literacy Fair at the Federal Reserve Bank in Detroit, hosting four middle schools. Being That Girl handled site visits, event layout, program development, gifts, prizes, and volunteer coordination. Our involvement extended to community engagement with the Detroit Lions, community engagement efforts. 


Further we managed project logistics, social media outreach, and the Dare to Care Celebration, bringing joy to foster care, homeless, and needy families. Additionally, we orchestrated the Community Cheer for Fisher Upper Middle Academy, ensuring gifts for the entire school. 

Representing BUF's unforgettable CEO, Mr. Kenneth Donaldson, at events to raise awareness about BUF of Michigan, we have been steadfast in our commitment.

Moreover, our agency designed the BUF Connect website, created graphic designs for events and awareness initiatives, and developed a curriculum for the Youth Exploratory Career Academy  alongside Dr. Linda McClain. Our comprehensive project management skills were showcased through securing speakers, vendors, and coordinating various aspects of these initiatives, showcasing the depth and breadth of Being That Girl's impact on BUF of Michigan's mission.

Visit to learn more. Please donate. 

In the realm of space exploration, Sharon Caples McDougle stands as a modern-day hidden figure, breaking barriers as the sole African American and woman suit technician responsible for suiting up the most notable astronauts for space. Since the moment Being That Girl crossed paths with Sharon, a NASA Smithsonian inductee, a remarkable journey of empowerment and achievements unfolded.

Our collaboration began with a vision—to amplify Sharon's presence and brand, recognizing her extraordinary contributions to space exploration. Being That Girl played a pivotal role in steering Sharon into entrepreneurship and authorship, notably aiding in the creation of her children's book, "Suit Up for Launch with Shay."

One highlight in our journey together was the extraordinary event hosted by Being That Girl Agency, where we honored Sharon McDougle. The event drew over 400 attendees spanning from youth to adulthood, celebrating Sharon's accomplishments and inspiring the next generation with her groundbreaking story.

Being That Girl Agency went above and beyond by designing Sharon's official website This online platform serves as a dynamic hub, beautifully encapsulating Sharon's journey and contributions. Furthermore, our agency seamlessly incorporated her business, providing sound business consultations and innovative marketing strategies.

From business development to event planning and supporting every milestone along Sharon's journey, our tribe is unwaveringly committed to fostering Sharon Caples McDougle's growth. Together, we are not just collaborators; we are a supportive force propelling Sharon's legacy to new heights.

Being That Girl takes immense pride in being part of Sharon's incredible journey, and we look forward to continuing our partnership as she continues to inspire and pave the way for future generations. Sharon Caples McDougle's story is not just one of accomplishments; it's a testament to the power of collaboration, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a true hidden figure.

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Project Name

Elance Logo.png

Embark on a journey into the world of global outsourcing with Elance, a platform that seamlessly connected corporations, freelancers, and small businesses across the globe. Within this expansive network, Being That Girl emerged as a powerhouse, providing exceptional services to hundreds of providers for nearly seven years.

Under the visionary leadership of Natasha from Make Your Dreams Come True, Being That Girl became the foremost service provider within the Elance ecosystem. The range of services offered was nothing short of impressive, spanning customer service, sales, telemarketing, business development, back office support, live chat, social media marketing and management, website design, lead generation, and even software and app development.

The collaboration between Being That Girl and Elance was marked by a commitment to excellence, as Natasha and her team delivered outstanding services across diverse domains. This partnership was a testament to the prowess of Make Your Dreams Come True, solidifying Natasha's position as the number one service provider within the global Elance community and top provider locally. They are now called Upwork.

For nearly seven years, Being That Girl Natasha and her team left an indelible mark on the outsourcing landscape, showcasing the potential for exceptional service delivery and innovation. The legacy of this partnership continues to resonate, reflecting the dedication, expertise, and trailblazing spirit of Being That Girl in the dynamic world of global outsourcing.

Being That Girl played a pivotal role in securing a prestigious $5,000 grant from The Maiden Factor Foundation Inc. This infusion of funds marked a crucial step forward in fortifying Treasures Within's financial foundation.

Strategic Partnerships: Treasures  Being That Girl forged powerful sponsorships and partnerships with BUF of Michigan, a venerable 53-year-old organization dedicated to youth empowerment. BUF of Michigan sponsored the learning facility, provided lunches for each course, offered $2,000 grants, and opened doors to a spectrum of free programs and opportunities, including aviation programs, an IKEA retail business camp, and more.

School Contract Milestone: Being That Girl navigated the intricacies of securing Treasures Within's first school contract, a monumental achievement that expanded the organization's reach and impact. The program is now proudly offered at the Barbara Preparatory Academy, enriching the educational landscape for students.

Consultative Excellence: Through strategic consultation, Being That Girl optimized Treasures Within's operations, resulting in substantial savings in overhead costs. The agency's expertise in fundraising strategies amplified awareness and engagement, leading to increased revenue streams for Treasures Within.

Community Impact: The collaboration with Being That Girl propelled Treasures Within into the spotlight, raising awareness through impactful fundraisers and community engagement initiatives. This heightened visibility translated into more significant support for the organization's noble cause.

In a single year, Being That Girl has woven a tapestry of success for Treasures Within Nonprofit Organizations, redefining its narrative and empowering it to achieve unprecedented heights.


The portfolio stands as a testament to the agency's commitment to transforming dreams into tangible, impactful realities.

Lear more about The Treasures Within at Please donate. 

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Project Name

Corporate Culture Marketing.logo

Being That Girl Agency has been instrumental in providing a wide array of services to Corporate Culture Marketing and Billboard Award-Winning Film and Music Producer Bigg Von. The agency's contributions include facilitated and curated events, website design for Corporate Culture Marketing and its artists and actors, logo design, album cover design, business entity incorporation, trademarking for films and the company, community engagement, sponsorship and vendor acquisition, prospecting, media and PR for both the agency and its clients, casting for music videos, small business initiatives, and comprehensive branding and marketing strategies.

Over a span of three years, these unparalleled services have played a crucial role in the elevation of Corporate Culture Marketing's brand and the establishment of operational structures.


The agency's involvement has resulted in the successful production of a series of films, music productions, and other noteworthy projects, showcasing the tangible impact of Being That Girl Agency in shaping and enhancing the creative and business endeavors of Corporate Culture Marketing and Bigg Von.


Project Name

In the realm of virtual reality, Being That Girl emerged as a guiding force, orchestrating a symphony of successes for the VR Life Arcade. From strategy conception to tangible execution, our agency left an indelible mark on the trajectory of this cutting-edge enterprise.

Comprehensive Marketing Services: The agency offered a suite of marketing services, including social media marketing, public relations, media outreach, celebrity endorsements, and event planning. This holistic approach amplified the VR Life Arcade's visibility.

Strategic Partnerships: Being That Girl facilitated strategic partnerships with BUF of Michigan, securing a coveted field trip contract for the Youth Career Exploratory Program and Community Holiday Giveaway. Additionally, the agency orchestrated a groundbreaking collaboration with DAPCEP, bringing DAPCEP Saturdays to VR Life Arcade starting February 2024.

501c3 Incorporation: From ideation to conception, Being That Girl spearheaded the establishment and incorporation of a 501c3. This milestone solidified the VR Edutainment Center's presence within the VR Life Arcade, adding a philanthropic dimension to its immersive experiences.

Diversified Revenue Streams: Being That Girl played a pivotal role in diversifying revenue streams for the VR Life Arcade. The agency influenced private bookings, corporate events, offsite school engagements, and extracurricular programming, creating a dynamic ecosystem of experiences.

Web Presence and Collaborations: Our agency curated a digital presence for VR Life Arcade, redesigning an engaging website and fostering collaborations with other influential women in the Being That Girl tribe. 

Photoshoot and Headshots: Photoshoot included Being That Girl as Creative Director


Being That Girl has not only envisioned but brought to life the VR Life Arcade's potential. This portfolio encapsulates the agency's commitment to fostering innovation, empowering communities, and leaving an enduring legacy in the virtual realm.

Learn more about the VR Life Arcade and VR Edutainment Center at Please donate. 

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Bag Crush, an emerging luxury purse and accessories brand, has experienced a transformative journey collaborating with the Being That Girl Agency. Together, we have revamped the brand's image with a new website design, engaged in community outreach through partnerships with the Detroit Pistons, featuring Bag Crush monthly at games for two years.

Our comprehensive approach included strategic initiatives such as billboards, PR and media coverage in magazines and newspapers, as well as impactful collaborations. Through consultations, we defined price points, crafted branding and marketing strategies, and facilitated sales through the influential Being That Girl tribe.

The support of Natasha, our CEO, and the Being That Girl tribe has been instrumental in elevating Bag Crush's presence. The brand has successfully placed its luxurious bags in the hands of celebrities like NeNe Leakes, Drew Sidora of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Jennifer Hudson, and local influence.

For those seeking head-turning bags, Bag Crush is the go-to destination. Explore their collection at and experience the allure of custom-made, trendy luxury purses and accessories.


Project Name

ChokeHerskins, a handmade leather skin accessory brand by the talented Mary Daniels, operates as a small business with a humble home-based setup. Mary's aspirations are grounded in living her passion out loud, not seeking fame or riches.


Collaborating with the Being That Girl Agency has been pivotal for ChokeHerSkins, with our involvement in designing the website, creating the logo, and providing marketing strategies.

Our comprehensive approach includes exposure through media and PR, strategic billboard placements, and outreach to small businesses, all in collaboration with the Detroit Pistons.


Since partnering with the Being That Girl Agency, ChokeHerSkins has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its client base internationally. Mary's dedication to her craft, coupled with our agency's support, has propelled ChokeHerskins into a noteworthy presence in the handmade leather accessory market.

Visit to support the artistry of Choke Her Skins. 

Being That Girl x Choke Her Skins.jpeg
Prodigy Hand Custom Wigs.jpg


Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Laquilla Holmes, the visionary behind Prodigy Hands Custom Wigs, as we mark the culmination of our collaborative efforts at Being That Girl Agency. Laquilla, a start-up small business owner, embarked on this venture four years ago, and together, we've been crafting a narrative of growth, innovation, and success.

Comprehensive Website Fulfillment: Being That Girl Agency took charge of Prodigy Hands' online presence, designing a dynamic and user-friendly website that reflects the essence of the brand. This platform serves as a showcase for Prodigy Hands' exquisite custom wigs, capturing the attention of its target audience.

Strategic Marketing and Business Development: From day one, our collaboration extended beyond aesthetics to the core of Prodigy Hands' business strategy. Being That Girl Agency curated a bespoke marketing strategy, ensuring Prodigy Hands reaches its intended market effectively. Additionally, our team provided valuable insights and support in business development, propelling Prodigy Hands to evolve and meet the demands of the ever-changing market. From everything from proposal writing to one-on-one consultations. 

Nonprofit Arm Inception: In alignment with Prodigy Hands' commitment to community impact, Being That Girl Agency played a pivotal role in the establishment of their nonprofit arm. The Agency incorporated her Nonprofit Agency in record time. We crafted strategies for community engagement, media presence, and fundraising initiatives, ensuring Prodigy Hands gives back to the community that supports them in 2024.

Marketing, PR, and Media Expertise: Our collaboration encompasses comprehensive marketing, PR, and media support. Being That Girl Agency strategized and executed impactful campaigns to enhance Prodigy Hands' visibility. From media coverage to public relations, we ensured that Prodigy Hands Custom Wigs stands out in the competitive market.

Fundraising Success: Fundraising is a vital aspect of sustained growth, and Being That Girl Agency implemented successful fundraising strategies to fuel Prodigy Hands' expansion and community initiatives.

As Prodigy Hands Custom Wigs enters its fourth year of business, we are thrilled to have been an integral part of Laquilla's journey.


Our commitment to her success goes beyond services rendered; it is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines Being That Girl Agency. Laquilla's passion, innovation, and resilience inspire us, and we look forward to continuing this empowering journey together. Here's to the evolution of Prodigy Hands Custom Wigs and the exciting chapters that lie ahead!


Project Name

Being That Girl Agency has played a vital role in the success of Building Beyond Barriers, offering monthly consulting calls and expertise in marketing, branding, media, and PR. One of the standout contributions was the creation of a multifaceted website for Building Beyond Barriers, showcasing the organization's mission, programs, and impact. This online platform serves as a powerful tool for reaching a wider audience and establishing a strong online presence. Further they facilitated key connections with municipalities, nonprofits, and schools. In less than one year, Building Beyond Barriers, with the support of Being That Girl Agency, has made significant community impacts.

Being That Girl Agency has been instrumental in the successful launch of Building Beyond Barriers' Mental Health Matters Campaign. With a specific goal of training and certifying 2400 adults in Youth Mental Health First Aid and an additional 2400 teens, the agency has demonstrated a commitment to fostering mental health awareness and support within the community.

Beyond the digital realm, the agency has facilitated crucial connections for Miracle Nored, the founder of Building Beyond Barriers. This includes establishing meaningful partnerships with city municipalities, nonprofits, and schools. These connections have not only broadened the organization's network but have also created valuable opportunities for collaboration and resource-sharing.


Within seven months, Building Beyond Barriers, provided trauma-informed parenting for 753 parents, trained 1239 adults in Youth Mental Health First Aid, assisted 377 teens through Mental Health First Aid, and offered trauma-informed care to 462 teens. These outcomes reflect their commitment to fostering mental health awareness and support within the community.

Beyond Barriers - Logo.png


Being That Girl Agency has been a cornerstone in supporting Glams Nonprofit through a range of essential services. Providing weekly to monthly consultations, the agency offered guidance on nonprofit operations, marketing and branding strategies, fundraising, and overall support to both the Founder and Board Members.

The agency's influence extended to event curation, notably with the annual Tea Party, where special guests like Deloris E. Jordan, Michael Jordan's beloved sister, were featured. Being That Girl Agency's expertise in developing fundraisers was showcased through collaborations, including one with the Detroit Pistons through the innovative Being That Girl Game for Good Initiative.

In a remarkable feat, Being That Girl Agency developed Glams Nonprofit's website in just 24 hours, demonstrating unparalleled efficiency. The agency also took charge of creating content, social media marketing material, and providing ongoing social media marketing services for the nonprofit.

The impact of Being That Girl Agency on Glams Nonprofit is undeniable, elevating its operations and community presence. The agency's commitment to making a difference extended to opportunities such as CEO Natasha Lee mentoring their girls' youth group for a day, fostering personal connections and leaving a lasting imprint on the organization's mission.


Project Name

Being That Girl Agency has been a key partner in providing comprehensive services to renowned Media Personality, DJ Waffles. The agency's support has encompassed trademark services, ensuring the protection and recognition of DJ Waffles' brand. Additionally, Being That Girl Agency has offered valuable consulting services, providing strategic guidance to enhance the overall brand of DJ Waffles. The agency's expertise extends to marketing strategy, contributing to the promotion and visibility of DJ Waffles in the media landscape. Through these tailored services, Being That Girl Agency has played a pivotal role in shaping and elevating the brand presence of DJ Waffles in the industry.

DJ Waffles Logo.png
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