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Job Opportunity: Enrollment Specialist 

Join our team as an Enrollment Specialist, focused on enrolling individuals in our program with free phone and tablet devices and services. Your impact goes beyond as you schedule team events and connect with organizations for fundraising. Excitingly, you'll earn $23 per enrollment, with agents typically achieving 2-4 enrollments per hour.


  • Enroll individuals in our program for free phone and tablet devices/services. Collaborate with mobile providers to secure a $30 monthly waiver for phone carriers. Schedule team attendance at events to promote our mission. Connect with organizations for fundraising opportunities.


  • $23 per enrollment.

  • Agents typically achieve 2-4 enrollments per hour.


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to work flexible hours; remote position with on-site training scheduled in advance.

  • Quick background check completion (24 hours to 7 days, project-dependent)


  • Make a positive impact in the community.

  • Opportunity to earn based on performance.

  • Flexibility in working hours

Ready to make a difference and earn as you empower the community? 

Enrollment Specialist
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Thanks for applying. The That Girl Tribe is reviewing your application. 

That Girl is a company designed by a woman, focused on celebrating, supporting women, and working to empower women.


We work with our business owners and ambassadors daily to ensure they have what it takes to succeed. Our main goal is to inspire and develop female entrepreneurs internationally. 


Starting Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3...


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Opportunity To Work With That Girl

BEING THAT GIRL is currently looking to offer 100 WOMEN the opportunity to join our team of Account Managers to sell and promote our products and services; while exposing and expanding your brand!


You have NEVER seen a business model literally designed to help the tribe elevate. Must be motivated and passionate about entrepreneurship and acquire an entrepreneurial mindset.


Start-Up (get individual discount codes and granted access to the website)


1). $299 Kit & Website Access  
This Kit includes 2 THAT GIRL (Best-Sellers T-shirts), digital business cards, information cards, & and product samples including that girl's glass and t-shirt, etc. (samples included in sample kit may vary). 30
% off personalized link, & and discount code, that girl hub membership, and access to our private networking group. 



2). $129 Kit & Website Access  
This kit includes digital business cards, information cards, a t-shirt, a wine glass, a 20% off personalized discount code, and access to a private networking group, that Girl Hub membership 



Awesome Opportunities Awaits YOU

Organizational Support


       Elevate Your Success with Being That Girl Agency!

  • At the Being That Girl Agency, we're all about empowering our top-notch Account Managers to boost their earnings in every possible way.

  • Our aspiration is for our tribe to not just meet, but exceed, those all-important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and Sales Benchmarks.

  • We're here to offer you a range of valuable services, absolutely free! Enjoy the perks of both

  • Being That Girl goes the extra mile by showcasing our Account Managers across various media outlets and social media platforms, events, and vending opportunities. This fantastic opportunity allows you to not only manage but also endorse the brands you're passionate about.

  • No need to feel isolated on this journey. As an Account Manager, you're never alone. Count on our comprehensive support through regular Onsite and Virtual Training Calls and Meetings. Plus, you can easily connect with your dedicated Lead Account Manager Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Join us and experience the true camaraderie and unwavering backing of Being That Girl Agency. Your success story starts here!

Exciting Incentives

Dollar Bill in Jar
  • Unlock Your Earnings Potential with Our Rewarding Investments!

  • Choose the $299 Investment and instantly unlock a fantastic 25% potential retail profit. Alternatively, hit $1000.00 in product sales to soar to an impressive 50% potential retail profit and/or commissions. That's not all - seize an extra 20% in compensation from every service, event, and course you sell.

  • Opt for the $129.00 Investment and achieve $700.00 in sales to enjoy a solid 15% potential retail profit and/or commissions. Plus, relish an additional 10% compensation for all services you offer.

  • And here's the exciting part: Account Managers have the golden chance to reap a remarkable 50% profit after achieving $1000.00 in combined product and service sales. Once you've crossed the $ 1,000 sales threshold, those who began with the $129 investment will be automatically elevated to the top tier.

  • For Account Managers eager to dive into selling other services, events, products or courses (as listed on the website and business app), we're thrilled to offer an enticing 20% potential retail profit.

  • But wait, there's more! Reap a generous 15% sales commission on the monthly revenue of the members you bring on board.

  • This is your opportunity to unlock a world of potential earnings with our dynamic investments and rewarding structure. Ready to amplify your profits? Join us today

Increase Earning Potential

Image by Markus Winkler
  • Exciting Opportunities Await! Vending Opportunities

  • Are you looking to showcase your products to a wider audience? Look no further! THAT GIRL invites you to be a part of our Vendor Shows and vendor placements, a fantastic platform to promote your items. Our process is simple and rewarding:

  • Booking and Approval: Secure your vendor location or by booking with us and receiving approval from THAT GIRL Admins.

  • Prime Store Placements: Through our collaborative boutique partnerships, your products will find a home in top-notch stores and boutiques.

  • Here's the Perk: If you pay the fee as the Account Manager, you earn a 20%-50%  profit margin from the sold items. 

  • Join us in this exciting journey of showcasing and selling your products alongside BEING THAT GIRL. Seize the opportunity and watch your products shine while boosting your earnings!

  • Ready to take the leap? Sign up now and let's embark on this profitable partnership together!

Living Legacy

That Girl

The initiative called "That Girl" was initiated as a loving tribute to my cherished mother, Delores Lee-Starks, who passed away unexpectedly in 2017. Her untimely demise served as a catalyst for her family to hold onto the promise and optimism of eternal life as envisioned by Jehovah. Natasha Lee, the originator of Being That Girl, embarked on the journey of establishing the brand in 2018, driven by the desire to preserve her mother's cherished moments close to her heart.

Natasha fondly recalls, "While my mother was always a mother to me, she evolved into my confidante in later years." This very sentiment underscores the immense significance of the Being That Girl Empowerment Firm and Agency. It stands as a dynamic testament, devoted to perpetuating the fond memories and exuberance that she brought into the lives of her family and friends. Moreover, it is committed to empowering other women to unlock their fullest potential each day.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I set up my Melio account?
    Account Managers must register to Meilo Payments to receive compensation & commission.You will need to go to in order to set up an account to begin accepting payments.
  • How do I track my hourly compensation?
    Account Managers must register to Time Doctor to track compensation. You will need to go to in order to set up your account to track your hourly compensation and start getting paid.
  • What type of compensation are Account Managers identified as for tax purpose?
    Account Managers are identified as 1099 contractors. Account managers will sign a non-disclosure & non-compete agreement

Become THAT GIRL Today!

That Girl Business Opportunity 
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Thanks for applying. The That Girl Tribe is reviewing your application. We will let you know if you qualify being a That Girl Independent Business Owner


Enrollment Specialist

Enrollment Specialist
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Thanks for applying. The That Girl Tribe is reviewing your application. We will let you know if you qualify being a That Girl Independent Business Owner

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