How often do you celebrate your fellow woman's success? How do you decide to celebrate the success of other women? In what way do you demonstrate support of another woman's success? Often times when we use or define the word SUCCESS, we only associate the term with accomplishing a professional or business pursuit. However, SUCCESS is simply defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

What's our fellow woman's aim or purpose? Usually, we're surrounded by women who are diverse in their purpose. For example, my closest friends pursue motherhood, spiritual, professional, educational and entrepreneurial goals. Regardless of their aim, I personally feel compelled to support and celebrate every step leading to their WIN. But how often do we celebrate the wins of women who are not our closet friends and family, and to what extent?


Over the past few years, I've intentionally celebrated the Wins of other people locally and internationally. The responses that I've received have been amazing! I've deviated from the normal human behavior of only celebrating the wins of those in my circle or who share similar goals, ethnicity, and beliefs as me. Now, quite frankly, I've always been a support system for anyone who crossed my path that demonstrated the will to accomplish a goal. Dating back to my elementary school days, I began being a Mogul Engineer, discovering solutions to help others heal, grow and collaborate. In the first few years of my entrepreneurial journey, I became consumed with one thing and one thing only "securing the bag". The thought of genuinely helping others elevate was lying dormant because I became self-consumed. After taking a close look at myself in the mirror, I became less 'bag focused' and became focused on finding and encouraging those who had a passion to thrive, to win, to lead. Fast forward after a few turbulent trails and tribulations in my own life, I was forced to live a purpose-driven life celebrating, encouraging and helping others to accomplish their goals.

I became more vocal in my local community and quickly followed "the yellow brick road" to people who were ambitious, socially conscious and determined. Due to my inability to think small or narrow, I quickly expanded my local reach to an international reach. Social Media greatly enabled this endeavor. I became acquainted with many entrepreneurs globally and became sister friends to my fellow women in business, dreamers and women who were ready to evolve but scared. Eventually, I started a group called "100 Women You Need to Know", then later changed the name and focus to "HandPicked Ladyprenuers", where we celebrated the success of women and encouraged them to break psychological behaviors that stunted growth. I personally handpicked each woman added to the group. We cultivated a true business sisterhood, sharing advice, skills, services, and grants to help the growth of other women. The experience was one of my most profound initiatives to date. The facilitators and I managed to connect women from all over the world and created a selfless, genuine sisterhood. We laughed, cried, healed, and conquered our goals together, but more importantly, we celebrated the success of each woman, the smallest step lead to recognition and celebration.

Now, I've permanently changed the name to THAT GIRL. While the changes I'm making are slow, the impact that I intend to make will be well worth the wait. Nevertheless, we have decided to take it up a notch in celebrating the success of women on and offline. A few weeks back THAT GIRL launched its first initiative of celebrating the success of another woman OFFLINE. My goodness! By the end of planning and facilitating our Surprise Success party, I felt overwhelmed but ecstatic to see my vision live out loud. It felt great to celebrate another woman who was making her mark in the cosmetic retail world. I gathered 9 women to help me celebrate the birth of That Girl, their personal and business accomplishments and lastly to celebrate our 'Surprise Recipient' Melissa Butler, Founder of Lip Bar.

Melissa announced that her lipstick is being sold in over 400 Target Stores. Isn't that AHMAZING!!!! Being overly excited for her, I thought a great way to celebrate her WIN was to buy her lipstick and ask the participants of the party to do the same. During our celebration, we had our first segment of Red Lip Conversations: How to celebrate the success of the women.

The audio is available here

Our Success Party included a That Girl Photo Shoot, Purchase of Lip Bar, Lunch and Conversation. The day was superb. What was most interesting is that none of these women actually knew Melissa. I've only shared a few brief encounters with her. The first was when we were both honored by our Walkers Legacy as the Powerful 25 Women in Detroit in 2017. We sat next to each other and exchanged a few endearments. She has the sweetest nature. Secondly, was at an event where I volunteered to help fellow women Detroit Mogul Monica Wheat with the 2018 Detroit StartUp Week. Melissa was one of the speakers. Again we shared words briefly but as I heard her speak, I could not be more proud of her. I mean, geesh, just the previous year she only had one store and her hard work pushed her brand into Target Stores and created an influence to INSPIRE entrepreneurs globally. HECK YES, we are celebrating her, HECK YES, she deserves support and HECK YES, we are going to do this act of support and love over and over and over again. Melissa still has NO IDEA that this was done in honor of her. The first time she's going to find out is right inside of the pages of The Female CEO digital magazine, there's no better place



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