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That Girl Dr. Janice Cardwell

Who is that girl? we're celebrating a powerful intelligent woman, who became a Academic Director & Vice President of University of Phoenix, Mogul ,and Mother.

Dr. Janice Cardwell is the Campus Vice President and Academic Director for the University of Phoenix - Detroit (13 years). She is Chair Woman of the Board of Directors for Matrix Human Services (5 years). She serves on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations in Southeast Michigan. She is a Leadership Coach, Research Fellow, a Dissertation Chair, an Author, an Artist, CEO and Executive Coach for The Conceivers Leadership Development Group

Dr. Jan holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education and an MBA in Global Management. What is most important is that Dr. Jan restarted her career trajectory and her education when she was 48 years old. She has presented her research at several international and national conferences and is the 2019 Chair of the Leadership Development Member Interest Group for the International Leadership Association. She has recognitions and awards from several community organizations, and she has two personal mission statements that she lives by:

  1. “Don’t search for opportunity in the distance! Recognize it and embrace it - right where you are!” (Napoleon Hill).

  2. “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” (George Bernard Shaw).

Dr. Jan can be reached:

By Email: or

On LinkedIn:

By Phone: 248.765.1251


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