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Empowering Through Narratives: That Girl Ciara Horton's She Is E-Magazine and the Resilience of Black Voices

In the spirit of Black History Month, we turn our focus to the inspiring journey of Ciara Horton, the passionate publisher behind She Is E-Magazine. With a profound commitment to spotlighting the determination of women from all walks of life, Ciara’s publication embodies the essence of unity and empowerment. As Black History Month unfolds, we delve into the mission and aspirations of She Is E-Magazine, a platform where diversity, resilience, and success take center stage.

Please tell us all about She Is E-Magazine and the mission of the publication.

Ciara: She Is E Magazine is a magazine that spotlights women from all walks of life who are determined to succeed and continue to succeed. She Is you, She Is me, She is We.

Mission Statement:

“At She Is E Magazine, we are dedicated to empowering and uplifting women in business who fearlessly share their stories. We believe in the power of authenticity, resilience and community ton inspire and support women on their entrepreneurial journey. Our mission is to amplify the voices of women who are breaking barriers, making a difference, and reshaping the business and media landscape. Through storytelling, connection, and celebration, we strive to create a platform where every woman’s voice is heard, valued, and celebrated. Together, we champion diversity, empowerment, and success for women worldwide.”

In addition to being a seasoned media professional, what other endeavors are you currently involved with?

Ciara: I am currently sponsoring a pageant for the first time and I often help with short films in collaboration with HF Creative Group.

Are you currently seeking any help with the magazines that you own? If so, what kind?

Ciara: Yes most definitely. I’m always open to collaborating with writers and anyone else that is interested with collaborating. Finding additional funding is something else that I’m seeking help with to help expand the magazine.

What news can you share with us that you’re most excited about for this new year?

Ciara: Being able to do more coaching this year is what I am very excited about. I currently have booked spots so that’s always a plus. I love to be inspired and to inspire. Stay tuned!

What is it about this career path that keeps you motivated and what are some of your future media aspirations?

Ciara: The fact that I am able to give voices to the voiceless has really motivated me. Especially during times where I considered retiring the magazine because those times did come. I always had women reach out and say, how can I get in the magazine or can I feature someone etc. That kept me and keeps me going! My feature media aspirations would be to do red carpet events and more podcasting.

What else would you like our readers to know?

Ciara: I want the readers to know that I’m just a creative that loves doing what I was called to do. God’s work is my work.

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