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Hey, #thatgirl!

We know it's late or early for some..... but we have some exciting news!! We just couldn't spare another moment to share! Being That Girl Agency is scheduled to handpick small businesses, professionals, and influencers in a new tv series entitled Toxsanity. Our collaborative partners at Corporate Culture Marketing filmed their pilot episode nearly two weeks ago! Talk about breathe taking news!

What's even more exciting is that NEW #thatgirl tribe member & client Tanisha Robinson, founder of the Detroit Grizzley, the brand was selected to be filmed in the first pilot episode. Since taking advantage of the opportunity, Detroit Grizzley has gained new customers and followers within a matter of 24 hours timespan. We anticipate all eyes being on the release of the Toxsanity TV Series, which is written and produced by a Grammy Award-Winning Music Producer and Filmmaker.

Tanisha is also on the road to making her nonprofit business dream a reality. Scheduled to begin to work one-on-one with ambassadors Dr. Sabrina (People Expert and Nonprofit Guru) and Latoya Early (Millionaire Coach) alongside our founder Natasha Lee (Business Engineer) to completely launch her NonProfit Organization from conception to reality participating in the Small Business Project We love when women join our tribe and take full advantage of the opportunities available. Let's welcome Tanisha to the #thatgirl tribe. You are #thatgirl Shop her store at

Next, Our Media Ambassador, Kimberly Wilson, was handpicked to Intern and Produce on this project, 3 weeks ago. She's actually working on a real production before even graduating from film school.!!!! She said this has been a surreal moment in time. She called me full of gratefulness after she got the phone call solidifying her role. Kimberly has been working with us since 2019 directing the video that introduced our brand to Macy's store in Novi Michigan. Filming School taught Kim her skill but her hustle and connections, professionalism, and sharing her dreams out loud are what got her here.

This was the first time Natasha met Kimberly celebrating the photo shoot launch of Being That Girl
Natasha Front, Kimberly Left, Crystal right-2018

Natasha's best friend Crystal introduced Kimberly to Natasha saying "Tasha you should work with her, she's in school but you could really be a great mentor to her. She could help you with filming your project. Since 2018, she has worked on many projects with Being That Girl, gained several opportunities and mentorship. She has super exceeded my expectations every time, she has been malleable, professional, encouraging, prompt, and simply a jack of all trades! She is always bringing fresh new ideas to the table!! Kimberly is glowing, now expecting a new bundle of joy, has met the love of her life, and is working in her dream job, We are very proud of you Kim! You are #thatgirl!

There is no other girl agency that is not only mentoring, servicing, and also given real game-changer opportunities to help their tribe members reach their goals and level up! There's no other tribe solely operating from the stance of pure sisterhood.

Let's get to it! We are currently looking for the following sponsors:

1.) Clothing Brands

2.) Home & Good Products

3.) Apps and Tech Products

4.) Venues

5.) Coach and/or Therapist

6.) Clothing Boutiques and Restaurants

7.) Beverages and Spirits

8.) Services are welcome to inquire as well

Below you will find the sponsorship deck and more details about the project and opportunity. After review please contact us for consideration of the opportunity! Details are in the sponsorship deck.

Download PPTX • 6.35MB

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