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Interview with Political Candidate at MI House of Representatives District 7, Anistia Thomas

Voting starts, Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - It was only appropriate for us to have That Girl NikiMarie interview That Girl Anistia Thomas because she is a woman of service. At her core she chooses community service over riches and relaxation. Have you seen her credentials? She could choose early retirement and spend time with her son, but she has decided to use her many talents to continue to create a stream of resources for the betterment of the communities that are dear to her. She’s a community maven and we simply don’t honor women like her enough. She’s #thatgirl Continue reading some of the Anistia’s background and a few of the Q&A with NikiMarie. Tune in to the full exclusive interview on NikiMarie Radio.

Anistia Thomas is one of Michigan’s Top Businesswomen Leaders circumventing the areas of Entrepreneurship, Economic Development & Empowerment. She is recognized as the Founder of Michigan’s most promising civic organizational initiatives and showcasing Michigan’s top entrepreneurial talent. She is looking to bring more resources to her district and making decisions that affect her entire state.

During the interview, Anistia was asked several questions pertaining to why she has decided to take on this role and responsibility and what improvements she can make if she is elected as Michigan House of Representatives to represent District 7.

Q&A – What are some of your core goals for change?

Q&A – What lead you to Politics?

Anistia: I never really considered myself to be involved in Politics. I have been a community servant since I was eight years old. (Find out the rest of this story by listening to the full audio interview) She has stated, “My purpose in life is reflected in my work and volunteer experiences over the last two decades. While I’ve been recognized for my personal accomplishments, they simply reflect my life-long commitment to serve others by using my skill set to improve their lives. They are my ‘why’ – without them, I am nothing. All my experiences, professional background, and all facets of my personal story, good and bad, has prepared me for this next chapter in my life, which is to win my campaign for the Michigan House of Representatives District 7. Now, more than ever, we need effective leadership, and I’ve always been an activist to effect change. My goals are too big to accomplish alone, I need your support.”

Anistia is currently a National Board Director of The National Business League (NBL), Inc., a historical organization founded by Booker T. Washington in the year 1900. Anistia has been the recipient of the National Women of Excellence Award, National Women’s Business Owners Association’s Top 10 Businesswoman of the Year, City of Detroit Special Recognition Office of Mayor Mike Duggan, The New Business Award, The Blue Vase, The Cornerstone Award, The Championship Award, (2) Topper's Club, District Dazzler, Cornerstone School’s Black History Maker of the Year Award, Michigan Women’s Foundation Business Awardee, and Motor City Match Award (2016), Detroit Development Fund Awardee. She has also served as a keynote speaker to groups including Capitol Hill, the NAACP & The Negro Women’s Business League and the United Nations. Make sure you are voting on Tuesday, August 4, 2020.


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