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Karenna’s Design Studios Owner, Karen Larkin Discusses New Year Goals and Client Wins

The interior designer and owner of Karenna’s Design Studios, Karen Larkin is not just an interior designer, but she is one who transforms spaces that transform lives. Karen helps home-based business owners, speakers, and those who work from home create a peaceful and tranquil space that will cultivate creativity and productivity, and decrease stress and anxiety while promoting your overall well-being. It is Karen’s desire to create peaceful spaces for where you are going or what you desire out of life and not where you are currently.

We understand that your mother was your first client. What was that experience like designing for your beloved mother?

Karen: When I think about where I am today, my mother played a big part in this. Designing for my mother was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. I remember feeling so excited to be making something special for her and it felt extra special since it was my mother. Changing her space was something my mother wanted and talked about often. She said she wanted something beautiful; she wanted something peaceful.

When my mother was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and spent forty-five days in the hospital, I decided to create that for her. So when she returned home she walked into that peace she desired. After the completion of the redesign, my mother cried and said, “It felt so peaceful”. All my mother wanted was her house redone and this was completed a short few years before she transitioned home. It brought me so much joy to be able to give her this right before her death. To know that I created a space where she really felt peace was so gratifying for me.

Most of all, I cherish that moment when she saw how beautiful her final product was and the emotional reaction it evoked. That experience will stay with me for a lifetime and her reaction was priceless. Her tears were a testament to the peace she felt. It’s something I’ll always be proud of. At the end of the day, when you are able to do something for someone you love, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. Knowing that I was able to make my mother happy and give her that peace she desired and I will cherish it forever.

Knowing now that my mother was my first client will never be forgotten and to know today that interior design would be the call for my life. It was an amazing experience. I know she is continuing to watch over me from heaven, with the biggest smile on her face! I will continue to make her proud.

Every time I take on a new project now, I try to bring the same energy and passion that I had when I was designing for my mom. It is now a constant reminder of why I love what I do, and it helps me stay focused on providing the best experience possible for every client. Designing for my mother was a truly special moment that will forever be in my heart.

What has been some feedback from some of your other clients?

Karen: I have been blessed to work with some amazing people with some amazing stories, dreams, and goals. It has been a pleasure to serve them and meet their needs. Here are just a few of their responses:

“Choosing colors for the exterior of my home proved to be more challenging than expected. I decided that I needed help, and I am so glad that I found [Karen]! Working with her has been an absolute relief and joy. She put my mind at ease in our initial conversation regarding what the color consultation involves and includes, asked great questions and listened! Then, the color boards she sent were just what we talked about; not only what I talked about, but what she envisioned based on our communication(s) and the style of my house. What she presented towards what I was seeing was really good…. but her vision was GREAT! This is by far one of the best experiences I have had, and will definitely request her services for upcoming projects!”

“Mrs. Larkin was very very patient with me from beginning to end. Especially since I knew in my head what I wanted but couldn’t express it. She took my babbling ideas and put them with her professional opinions and gave me more than what I expected. The end result (in all 3 areas) was breathtaking, not only for me but for the whole family.”

“I’ve had the pleasure to hire [Karenna’s Design Studio] twice. Mrs. Karen did my kitchen remodel in 2020 and my living room makeover January 2021. I can honestly say I am pleased with everything! She was punctual, informative and respectful of my time. Both rooms look totally different and coordinate with each other. The colors flow from my living to my kitchen. I told her I didn’t want to lose my comfort but still wanted everything pretty. She assured me I didn’t have to compromise comfort for beauty. And she delivered! She is fun and caring, even prayed for my home. I couldn’t ask for a better person/company to decorate my home.”

I have learned a lot in the process of interior design and have taken away valuable lessons from my clients that will stay with me forever. I love what I do and am very passionate. Everyone deserves to live in peace to be at peace!

What are some of your goals for yourself and Karenna’s Design Studios in the new year?

Karen: Our goal for Karenna’s Design Studios in 2023 is to keep pushing forward in this ever-changing world and stay ahead of the trends in interior design. I want Karenna’s to be a recognized source of high-quality, innovative design solutions. I also want to expand our customer base and create more opportunities for collaboration with other businesses and organizations. We will continue to provide our clients with high-quality, creative services that reflect their individual needs, both corporate and residential. Karenna’s Design Studio will provide the best possible service to our customers by continuing to invest in our brand and in our team, training, and technology.

Additionally, we will be launching a new home décor pillow line, expanding our signature candle line in retail stores and driving more traffic to our online store, Karenna’s Home Decor. Also, we will expand my resources and build more vendor relationships to bring more unique pieces and different home decor elements to create those tailored spaces for our clients. The biggest dream and hope is to open the future (brick and mortar) home of Karenna’s Home Décor showroom.

Personally, I am committed to learning something new every day and focused on becoming the best version of myself through my faith. I will prioritize self-care activities to help relieve stress levels and reduce anxiety. Taking time to ensure that I am making the best health decisions are key to me leading a productive life. I am looking forward to expanding existing relationships and building new ones because these are exciting times for Karenna’s Design Studios and I am thrilled at the possibilities that await us this year! My hope is that 2023 will be a year of growth, creativity, and success. My prayer is that Karenna’s Design Studio will be known as an Interior Design firm that transforms people’s lives, not just their space!

How can our readers keep up to date or contact you to obtain your services?

Karen: So whether you are thinking about hiring a professional interior designer or just need assistance with your space, I am the designer for you. I work with most budgets. I have a DIY program and I can consult virtually or in-person to help you create that space that will comfort you and cultivate the greatness inside of you. So, follow us on all social media platforms @karennasdesignstudio. Also, go to to receive a free gift and connect with us for our services.

I’m not just an interior designer, but one who transforms spaces that transform lives. I help home base business owners, speakers, and those who work from home (or remotely) to create peaceful and tranquil spaces that will cultivate creativity and productivity, and decrease stress and anxiety while promoting your overall well-being. It is my desire to create peaceful spaces for where you are going or what you desire out of life and not where you are currently. Make sure you follow us and stay connected so you will have exclusive details when curated pieces drop.

Photo Credit:

Shaun Hope

May Alice Photography

Jay Bentley (Interior Design)

Jay Bentley Media


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