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Meet Ayanna McNeill

Ayanna McNeill is a Certified Life Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker. She has worked in the Mental Health field for over fifteen years. Ayanna’s coaching model specializes in helping individuals identify their own source of power and tap into their faith in themselves to accomplish personal goals. Ayanna has extensive experience supporting individuals and families who are currently dealing with life transitions, interpersonal/relationship challenges, anxiety, growing a business, or shifting in their careers.

Ayanna has a MS in Education from Alfred University. She has worked in social services and as a mental health consultant for the last six years. Ayanna completed her Life Coaching certification from Transformation Academy. Ayanna is a three-time published author, spoken word artist, and motivational speaker.

Ayanna’s coaching services are affirming and inclusive and she has experience working with the LGBTQIA+ community. As an educator, Ayanna has mentored and coached countless youth through life transitions, career readiness, college access/readiness, and relationship challenges. Ayanna offers individual, group, and couple coaching services.

Ayanna’s coaching approach is celebratory and encouraging. She is an accountability partner that gives her clients a dose of support and realness. She works using a motivational mindset approach, helping her clients identify and confront limiting beliefs. Ayanna will support and guide clients through a process of self-exploration and expansion for them to explore, identify, and accomplish their goals. Working with Ayanna allows clients to embark on faith-based practices and motivational support to break the chains of fear and leave comfort-zones behind.

Ayanna’s motto is “The Cost of Freedom is Faith” and she will hold your hand as you tap into your faith and find your freedom.


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