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Supporting and Passing the Torch in Sisterhood Part III of the SeriesSpotlight on Cece (Cecelia)

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The women featured in THAT GIRL share a deep commitment to family, community, and God. Through hard work, determination, and unconditional love, they make giant strides in their lives. It's truly inspirational, the example they set before us. Which is why THAT GIRL is proud to present Cece Wilson, Vice President of Sip Social Club (

A native of Detroit, Cece (née Cecelia) Wilson is the mother of two adult children. In 2017 she graduated from Macomb Community College with an Associates Degree in Public Relations and Communication. Subsequently, she received her Bachelor's Degree from Rochester College specializing in Leadership and Management.

Cece is well known for her generous nature and natural ability to get along well with people.

Cece continues to spread love, respect, and unity outside of her various roles of mother, employee, Church member, and community leader. As Vice President at the S.I.P. Social Club, she demonstrates her love of people in a different venue. "Sisters in Power" works as a non-profit organization for professional women. Their activities support local charities and businesses through volunteering and donations.

Over the years, the majority of Cece's jobs and positions have in common one important facet: they gravitate toward loving God's people. Given her stellar qualifications, she was hired in 2010 with the federal government which launched her career. Her educational background and interpersonal skills contribute to the success she has in her current position where she continues to soar. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at the Church, interacting with her lovely children, dancing, roller skating, attending live music events and concerts, and meeting new people.

THAT GIRL embraces and empowers women to have the best life possible. We thank Cece for her devotion, her love of people, and her tireless efforts in serving God and the community.

Supporting and Passing the Torch in Sisterhood is a special blog series recognizing remarkable women, wonderful accomplishments, and exceptional lives.

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