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Black Women Winning: That Girl Bernadette Patterson

By Tammy Reese

Bernadette Patterson was born in New York. Her parents decided to move to Rockingham North Carolina when she was 3 years old. She graduated from Richmond Sr. High in 2002. Graduated from Sandhills Community College and received a Cosmetology Degree in 2004. Started working in some salons paying booth rent. Then decided to further her career by taking Mr. Dudley's business classes. She loved the way Mr. Dudley and the people that worked for the company ran their company. So she decided to get more involved with the company and became a Dudley Distributor.

When she was a Dudley Distributor she sold products in the salons in Charlotte NC, Rockingham NC, Hamlet NC, Laurinburg NC, Florence SC, and Rowland SC. She also partnered educational hair classes with another Dudley Distributor in Fayetteville NC and sold products in the classes while the cosmetologist & barbers received their CEU hrs.

She decided to branch off and do her own thing with all the knowledge and experience she gained from the Dudleys. Now she’s a salon owner of the Dream Team Hair & Beauty & founder of The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products. Now her Products are in two Beauty Supply Stores. Northlake Beauty Supply in Northlake Mall in Charlotte NC & Chic Hair and Beauty in Concord Mall in Concord NC. She also sells her products to Barbershops & Hair Salons.

When she became a business owner she had her own Beauty Supply Store before she decided to come up with her own hair product line. She was invited to Mr. Dudley's 82 Birthday Gala to set up a table to sell the products that were on her Online Beauty Supply Store. She also went on stage to talk about her salon business, her Online Beauty Supply Store & her experience with Mr. Dudley and the company. She received a Leadership Award from Mr. Joe L. Dudley Sr. Then they showed everybody at the event the different hairstyles she did in her salon on a projector screen and ended with a big applause from the audience.

Then Bernadette Patterson came up with her own hair product line and decided to shut down her online Beauty supply store just to have her main focus on her own brand. She went to Mr. Dudley's Mansion to show him and the people at the table The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products and they loved the way it look, feel & smelled. Mr. Dudley told Bernadette that he love what she was doing. He gave her a book called Dudley Q’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition 1967- 2017. This book talks about the Dudley’s journey and how he wanted Bernadette Patterson to keep the book so it can help her out with her journey.

Bernadette Patterson sponsored an event called When A Man Knows play in Atlanta GA with the Director Comedian Shafer Harrington. Sharonda Official is one of the actors in the play that’s known for being a celebrity stylist in partnership with Young Joc that’s on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. They had a salon scene holding The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Hair Products while they was acting on stage. Bernadette Patterson went on stage to talk about The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand after the stage play was over.

Bernadette Patterson is now doing business with Celebrity TV Personality Nikki Rich. She’s Oprah Winfrey Ambassador and has her own show called The Nikki Rich Show. She does a great job promoting The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand. She has all of The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Products. She did a video talking about how she loves using the products and how good they smell. Other celebrities have been looking at The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products also.

On October 9th, 2021 Bernadette Patterson went to Atlanta at 4U Recording Studio to do a commercial with Zaytoven. The commercial is about her hair products and that she made an even exchange to do a song on his beat. Zaytoven directed the commercial. She also will be going back to Atlanta on November 19th, 2021 to do a music video featuring Jayo about her hair products with Zaytoven in the music video.

The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products has been getting nothing but good feedback from a lot of customers and from cosmetologists and barbers.

Bernadette Patterson went back to Atlanta at 4U Recording Studio to record her new song called Never Knock Me Down on November 20th 2022. She also did the music video to that song right after she recorded her song with Grammy Award Winning Super Producer Zaytoven in the video as well.

Since November of 2021, Bernadette Patterson started doing business with Tammy Reese thanks to Nikki Rich. Tammy Reese is a journalist that been helping her along the way and getting her into magazines. All the Magazines Bernadette has been in so far was her first magazine We Empower, Medium, Sheen, OurBlk Woman, Brainz, Vocal Media, BIZBoost, SwagHer, Heart of Hollywood, Fashion GXD, Hustle and Soul, Woman To Woman Talk Magazines.

Bernadette Patterson continued to promote The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand by participating in different pop-up shops in Rockingham NC, Fayetteville NC, and in Charlotte NC so far. She also hired brand ambassadors to promote The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand.

Bernadette Patterson has also been doing business with Mohn Imran since August of 2022. He helps her promote and do whatever needs to be done to grow her business.

Bernadette Patterson participated in Dudley’s 55th Anniversary Emerald Ball & Runway Show on September 25th, 2022. It was located in Greensboro NC at the Sheraton Hotel. She participated in the Runway Show starting at 7:30pm that evening promoting The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand by showing off her hairdos while her models walked down the aisle. Shortly after her models got finished walking down the aisle she performed her song Never Knock Me Down.

On January 14 2022 Bernadette Patterson Participated in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s first parade in Richmond County NC. She was in the parade to promote The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand. Her family and clients came out to help promote holding up a sign that say I Have A Dream For The Dream Team Hair & Beauty in front of the SUV Bernadette was driving that had different Decals on it showing the different celebrities that used The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products like Nikki Rich and Zaytoven. This wasn’t just an ordinary march it was a parade that had 2022 Grammy Award Winner and 2023 Grammy Nominee Dante Bowe as the Grand Marshal of the parade. One of his well-known songs is Joyful. The parade also had 3 NFL players as the Honorees Tony Horn (St. Louis Rams) James Hamilton (Jacksonville Jaguars) Harry Stanback (Baltimore Colts). They all came from Richmond County NC.

Learn more by connecting with Bernadette Patterson and The Dream Team Hair & Beauty


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