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Constance Jones Is Truly That Girl

Hey Tribe we send major congratulations to our fellow #ThatGirl who is currently featured on We Empower Magazine.

Constance managed to open her Compliance Consulting company “CRJ Healthcare Credentials and Consulting” in the early 2000s specializing in opening healthcare entities specifically Hospitals and clinics and taking part in overseeing state surveys. She was elected in 2016 and recently was re-elected for a second term as a State Officer for Texas Coalition Black Caucus.

In 2017 Ms. Jones was recruited by the Steering Committee from University of Texas to serve on the Texas State Task Force for Policy and Legislative Maternal Morbidity Steering Committee along with State Representative Shawn Thierry serving as one of the honorary board members, this has proven to be one of her greatest accomplishments as being dedicated to true advocacy for women’s healthcare.



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