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Diamond Brown, Founder & CEO of Diamond’s Body Care

Diamond Brown, founder & CEO of Diamond’s Body Care, created her luxury body care line out of necessity after finding out her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Her motivation for formulating hydrating, plant-based body care products grew as a result of not being able to find a suitable product on the market to help soothe her husband’s skin due to the harsh effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer.

Diamond discovered that part of her healing process involved time in her lab, continuing the work to create clean products with simple ingredients.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Diamond’s vibrant and energetic personality shines brightly, and she finds joy in donating 10% of her proceeds to Cancer Survivors.

Today, Diamond’s Body Care has expanded, allowing her the opportunity to hire and mentor young women, inspiring the success of the next generation in the Queen City she now calls home.

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