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Dr. Kameika Hinson As Seen In The Press

Dr. Kameika Hinson is the President of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, LLC. She is also the Founder and CEO of her nonprofit organization called Jeremiah’s Journey to Healing Ministries. She teaches women who have had pregnancy or infant loss how to cope, heal and flourish through purpose discovery and storytelling. Dr. Kameika is furthering her services by pursuing her Doctorate.

As of late, Dr. Kameika has been seen in the press time and time again. That Girl Women Empowerment Agency wanted to take the time to showcase the amazing accomplishments of such an inspirational woman.

SwagHer Magazine- Title- Dr. Kameika Hinson Offers Hope and Help to Grieving Mothers

If someone were to ask you who is Dr. Kameika Hinson, what would your reply be?

Dr. Kameika: Dr. Kameika is a very purpose-driven and determined individual who sets her mind on something that she’s passionate about and does not stop until she achieves her goal. Her exterior can be tough and ready to confront anything that the day may bring, but deep down she’s very sensitive and compassionate. She will give you her last dollar and figure out how to make another dollar so that she could eat. Now that’s the real Dr. Kameika Hinson.

Sheen Magazine- Title- Cherishing The Rainbows After Grief with Dr. Kameika Hinson

What motivating factors helped you push through your tough times with infant loss and grief?

Dr. Kameika: I was given a divine assignment to help grieving mothers grow from their grief of losing a baby and the last thing I would want to do is to be at the pearly gates and have to explain why I didn’t complete my assignment.

Another motivating factor that helps me push through is that people would hear my story and look at me now and want to know what I did to get to where I am now. Just knowing that I can motivate someone else to go from a place of depression to dynamic gives me what I need to keep showing up and making a difference.”


What are some of the proudest moments in your career over the years?

Dr. Kameika: One of the proudest moments in my career is when I had just started as a coach and I didn’t really believe in the strategies that I offered. I knew that they had worked for me but I struggled with offering my services to the public. So one of my coaches pushed me to get myself out there so I started by offering my services for free. I was able to provide transformation in their lives with just one of my free sessions. I felt validated in the coaching space and I was definitely reassured that my services were greatly needed.

Kivo Daily- Title- To Grieve or Not to Grieve: Dr. Kameika Sheds Light on the Power of Acknowledging One’s Emotions

Our Black Woman Magazine- Title- Women Inspiring Women: President Of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, Dr. Kameika Hinson

Vocal Media-Title- Dr. Kameika Hinson On Helping Grieving Mothers Heal and Flourish Through Purpose, Discovery, and Storytelling

Medium- Title- The Impact of Grief Coaching With The President of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, Dr. Kameika Hinson

Heart of Hollywood Magazine- Title- Self Improvement Month Spotlight: Women Making An Impact With Dr. Kameika Hinson

Dr. Kameika Hinson is That Girl and we are so proud of her!

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