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Meet Fran’s Organic Body Care Founder, Fran Ngong

Fran Ngong is the founder of Fran’s Organic Body Care. Having suffered from Venous Insufficiency and extremely dry skin most of her life, Fran was introduced to natural Shea Butter and its benefits in 2005. When she incorporated the use of the butter with organic soaps, her skin maintained moisture and began to heal for the first time in her life. Her constant search for all natural product became a struggle for daily use, So in 2008 Fran made her first batch of handmade soap utilizing organic Shea and Mango butters, fresh fruit and vegetables and pure essential oils. The recipe was such a success requests from Fran’s friends and family soon became demands for her bodycare products. In 2009, Fran’s family encouraged her to sell her beautiful soaps and moisturizers to everyone. It was the inspiration she needed to start her business and develop a full organic bodycare line. Fran’s Organic Bodycare is a registered business in the state of Maryland. They currently operate retail locations, ecommerce webstore and offer wholesale options to various natural markets like Wholefoods Stores.

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