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Shaquin Thomas On Thriving As A Business Owner While Navigating Through Pressures of Society

By Tammy Reese

Starting a business is not an easy task for anyone but Shaquin Thomas has beat the odds. The loss of her beloved father didn’t steer her away from her purpose as an entrepreneur, influencer, author, and community leader.

We are honored to highlight such a remarkable woman whose continued passion for helping others has been extraordinary.

How has 2023 been for you so far?

Shaquin: 2023 has been great so far! Any day you wake up is another opportunity to be great!

Please tell our readers what is it that you do that supports women in their day-to-day lives.

Shaquin: I try to do a pulse check and give and be available on a daily basis. I sometimes provide food, toiletries, and clothes for battered women and children.

As an author, and business owner, what is it that you prefer to do more and why?

Shaquin: I would love to volunteer more frequently and start a nonprofit organization that aids veterans, homeless people, and single mothers.

Shaquin: Many women shy away from starting a business because of society's pressures.

What made you empower yourself and start and grow your company, Soul To Table Catering?

Shaquin: I recently lost my job while I was on a leave of absence taking care of my sick father who passed shortly afterward. At that point I didn’t have a cushion, so to speak. In my mind, my business had to be successful because I was a single mother of three kids and there was no room to be stagnant. I was self-motivated and I made sure I didn’t place myself into society’s box.

At That Girl, we love everything in fashion. What can you tell us about your fashion brand?

Shaquin: For me, my fashion brand is whatever you deem fashionable and ensure you are extremely confident while rocking your authentic style!

What are some hidden gems about yourself that you want the world to know about you?

Shaquin: My hidden gem is that I love ALL music and I’m going to CONFIDENTLY sing karaoke wherever I am totally sober with this terrible voice so be prepared! True story- I was at a local Subway a few weeks ago with my elementary school-aged kids. One of Monica’s songs came on while I was giving the Subway worker my order. I said, “I’m sorry sir but you have to wait for me to place my order. It’s about to be a whole concert up in here.”

Fill in the blank

I thrive to..

Shaquin: Be positive daily.

I believe that..

Shaquin: Whatever I work for, I will achieve it.

I am That Girl because..

Shaquin: I believe in me.

More on Shaquin Thomas:

CEO and owner of Soul To Table Catering, Shaquin Thomas is a personal chef and event planner. In addition to serving food, she also selflessly serves her community. Hence the name; Soul To Table. Her accomplishments include being the author of two published cookbooks, Cooking with Soul To Table and Soul To Table Soup which is available on Amazon. Her accolades include a line of seasoning blends, sweatshirts, kitchen cookware, an herbal immunity tea, and more.

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