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Supporting and Passing the torch in Sisterhood

Supporting and Passing the Torch in Sisterhood

That Girl, our highly successful t-shirt fashion line, transitioned into a vehicle for what we do BEST—promote, support and help women evolve into their best selves. How do we do that? Through participating in networks with other organizations of like-minded women. Which is why we urge our girl boss professionals to partner with numerous organizations like we did with The Female CEO. Collaborations of this nature with similar networks expand exponentially our influence, strength and economic power, all enhancing our lives.

In this vein, we have exciting news. We have broadened our services to further promote, support, and empower women from youth to adulthood:

Business Services

Surprise Success Parties

Business Showers

Exclusive Girl Boss-Themed Events

As you can see by the Surprise Success Shower video below, we bring women together to celebrate their accomplishments. Just recently we awarded Sandra Epps, our THAT GIRL LEGACY AWARD. This award is given to entrepreneurs and/or influencers for being wonderful role models and acknowledges them for their major contributions to the community.

[insert surprise success party video]

As part of our commitment to promote sister influencers, we salute Ms. McAlina Bell. McAlina is our newest Detroit Ambassador. She was an exceptional student who received a BS in Public Health and a dual combined Masters in Global Health and Health Administration in record time. Armed with these degrees, she held a pre-eminent position in Chicago as Community Outreach Manager. Now, she’s back in Detroit employed with a prominent health care provider. In her spare time, she created a content management company, Sophisticated Pen, which will soon be a major game changer. McAlina is a demonstration of how hard work, determination and passion changes the world for the better. THAT GIRL is proud to have McAlina as a partner in our endeavors. We thank her for all she accomplished and will accomplish in the years ahead.

Stay tuned for the expansion of the services we offer which shall include stylists, videography, photographer party themes, award ceremonies, business workshops, seminars and so much more!

Supporting and Passing the Torch in Sisterhood is a blog series that celebrates exceptional women who have made and continue to make giant strides that influence the world around us.

Support the Movement and learn more about #thatgirl💋 by visiting our website: Should you want the amazing women in your life to be recognized, please contact us at:

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