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Taylor Lang: Pioneering Fashion and Youth Empowerment in Detroit

From a young age, Taylor Lang stood out with her distinctive sense of style. As an adolescent, her fashion-forward mindset saw her adding unique touches to her clothes and shoes, transforming everyday items into standout pieces. Influenced by her mother, a former Detroit Public School Principal, Taylor learned that true style starts from within. Her mother’s teachings on character and confidence became the foundation of Taylor’s work, inspiring her to help others present their best selves. After graduating from Clark Atlanta University and pursuing a modeling career, Taylor combined her love for fashion and youth mentorship to establish The Taylor Lang Company in 2015. This venture culminated in the opening of her own studio on Detroit’s East Side in 2019, marking a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey.

What would you like our readers to know about you?

I would like my readers to know the innovative training I bring to the Detroit market for models and talent. Such as……

Model training

Photoshoot training

Character development

Talent Marketing

Agency representation

Leadership training

Casting and Audition Etiquette

Please tell us all about your studio in Detroit?

The Taylor Lang Company is located on Gratiot Ave. I opened my studio during Covid one of the hardest times for everyone, however I had faith and courage to elevate my band and fulfill my visions. The Taylor Lang Company will celebrate 3 years in July.

What motivated you to establish your own company, and what challenges did you face along the way?

Working myself in the modeling industry helped me learn and gain new experience. I also learned and gained knowledge on how to properly submerge into the industry to be the most effective. I also have a passion for developing children which is my largest clientele. I enjoy their skill, creativity, and their willingness to learn. The impact I’ve had on models who were trained by me is the most motivational thing that keeps me wanting to create new experiences and opportunities.

Could you describe a memorable moment or achievement in your entrepreneurial journey that stands out to you?

One of the most memorable moments was being on the first cover of a magazine published by an independent fashion runway tour. It opened up a lot of doors for me to connect with designers and showed me how my hard work paid off but the importance of staying sharp and executing as a talent.

How do you balance your passion for fashion with your commitment to mentoring and empowering youth?

I am very organized, but aside from that I make sure mentorship and building confidence is at my core. So although I mentor children in and outside of modeling, modeling and runway and photography helps build confidence and make my actual talents and mentees feel elevated.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those with a passion for both creativity and social impact?

My best piece of advice is to give 100% always and be passionate about what it is you’re displaying or doing. Believe in yourself and your gifts and the passion will shine through and create the most authentic impact.

How do you envision the future of your company and its impact on your community?

I want to grow larger with the training school by offering more service, opportunities and a place for models to always reside and come learn everything needed to be successful.

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