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Music Executive, Stephanie Cadogan

Stephanie is a tenacious, music executive with an exceptional understanding of the youth culture and their impact on entertainment. She’s a visionary leader who develops innovative campaigns that drive revenue and profit growth. She has established successful business relationships with entertainment brands such as Sony Music and Universal Music Group and boasts an extensive network of A-list music industry talent, producers, journalists, and executives.

Stephanie’s vast experience includes assessing artists’ talent to guide them through different stages of their music career. She provides the resources that help artists develop their sound to further assist their growth. Provides artists with the knowledge to help them better their craft, and get their music heard, in addition to creating marketing strategies to help create an organic fan base. She also teaches artists the importance of their paperwork and educates them on the business side of the music industry.

*What people say about me “Stephanie just doesn’t give up. If she finds a great artist, she won’t let it go. If she sees a business opportunity, she works until she makes it happen.”


Strategic Planning

Artist Management

Deal Negotiation

Song Placement

Positioning & Marketing

Trend Analysis

Online Community Building Production

Youth Marketing Viral/Guerilla Campaigns

Budget Management

International Business


• Secured distribution for several artists with Sony, Universal Music Group, Symphonic and Ingrooves

• Effectively connect artists within the music industry with quantifiable results

• Secured 3 DRT plaques, 2 Spotify plaques (5 million and 1 million streams), iTunes (1 million streams)

• Assisted multiple artists with Instagram verifications

• Assisted artist in top 100 Emerging Artist (position 19)

• Successfully secured radio play for over 13 Artists with small budgets

• Helped 4 artist reach the top 200 Radio Airplay globally

• Got an independent Artist to perform at the B.E.T. Experience


CLIVE DAVIS INSTITUTE - Certified Music Business

IAP COLLEGE - Business Consultants License

Artist Management Certification

Brandman Sean - Brand & Marketing strategies



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