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V. Venesulia: Navigating the AI Landscape

In an era where artificial intelligence permeates every facet of our lives, V. Venesulia, CEO of Vicar Group, LLC, offers a profound perspective on the evolution of AI, its ubiquitous presence, and the imperative for society to harness its potential while safeguarding against its risks. Through insightful commentary and a commitment to mission-driven leadership, Venesulia sheds light on the intersections of technology, cybersecurity, diversity, and ethical responsibility.

On the Vicar Group, LLC website, it states that “If you’re on the fence with AI, you’re already behind the curve.” Please elaborate about your thoughts on this.

V. Venesulia: Some think that artificial intelligence is a new technology. However, AI has been on the scene since 1950 when John Turing developed the Turing Test. The Turing test served as a way of determining whether computers could think or possess what he coined as “artificial intelligence.” In 1955, Dartmouth College professor John McCarthy held a workshop on the subject, and it’s also reported that during the 1960s, the US Department of Defense was also researching the technology.

The AI we see now is highly researched, highly evolved, and heavily implemented across the board. It is embedded in almost every part of the human experience in some form or fashion. It didn’t just emerge with Chat GPT and other large language models; it’s been here and has been woven into every technology and industry that makes our daily lives possible. We couldn’t escape engaging with it now if we tried.

So, if you’re on the fence about AI, you’re already behind the curve- because it’s everywhere. The question now becomes how society leverages this technology for the good of mankind while sounding the alarm on its risks.

What are some business milestones you’ve achieved lately as the owner of Vicar Group, LLC?

V. Venesulia: It has been a wonderful time of growth and expansion, and I’m amazed at the good things that have been accomplished. I’m seeing goals and benchmarks exceeded in every area.

Our Cyber Division is continuing to invest heavily in researching and leveraging new technologies, cybersecurity strategies, and innovative business solutions that benefit Vicar Group, LLC, and our clients, and we’re seeing significant gains. I am continuing my commitment as CEO of Vicar Group to provide thought leadership through speaking engagements and via my Newsmax Insider Column, InfoSector with V. Venesulia, and contribute to industry knowledge and best practices. Vicar Group, LLC has continued to be open, agile, and adaptable to respond quickly to technological changes, bringing awareness to cybersecurity threats and business trends, ensuring that our solutions remain relevant and effective.

The Vicar Group Omnimedia Division continues to produce television, media, and film projects like our television show, Down to Business with V., which we consider to be television with purpose. Our goal is always to move onward and upward in pursuit of our mission, vision, and goals. That’s where we’re headed. It’s truly an exciting time.

In your discussions on tech and cybersecurity, how do you approach fostering diversity and inclusion within your company, setting an example for the industry?

V. Venesulia: The example of being mission ready and mission focused is one that I hope to set. Being mission-focused is very important to me, and I keep why my pursuits exist at the heart of every effort. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by great people from different backgrounds, tenures, and skill sets with a similar “why.” They get the mission, vision, and purpose of our company’s existence and can run in lock-step with that purpose and help execute the mission.

The core mission is to sound the alarm and issue critical warnings surrounding technology to the public about how malicious actors are attempting to malign and defraud them using it. The mission is to share actionable information to protect ourselves and give people hope and empowerment in the process. It’s also to highlight how we can leverage technology to our benefit while bringing a word of warning as we enjoy the benefits.

In executing that mission, we partner with those who have insight into the possibilities and perils of technological advances we face and how malicious actors use them to attack and exploit individuals, families, businesses, and our government. The mission is to get a message out about the threat to humankind and how the existential crisis we face in this digital age will impact us all. I keep that mission at the center of my focus and ensure that the mission accomplishment is what we are aiming for in all we do.

Discussing the cautions, benefits, and future of AI, how do you envision women playing a vital role in influencing the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies?

V. Venesulia: Artificial intelligence and the dangers of deepfakes have been a big focus of my articles in my Newsmax Insider column, Infosector with V. Venesulia. In June of 2023, the FBI released a public service announcement warning that deep fake technology is being used to create explicit content which is being spread on the internet. Once the content is released, recalling or taking it down is more complicated. In my article “Lawmakers Must Rush to Protect Us from Deepfakes,” I outlined that this explicit content was not only being made of celebrities and politicians, but of everyday citizens.

In recent weeks, we have seen this demeaning activity affect celebrities and also several school-age girls. In all instances, there was very little legal protection for the victims. This is one of the places where legislation will be essential to protect us all from this type of malicious activity.

I envision women sounding the alarm on the exploitative vulnerabilities of AI-powered technologies like deepfake video and audio to women and children. Women of principle will speak up and be heard on these matters, develop and influence technology to counteract these threats, and we won’t stop until we see positive change.

Reflecting on your journey in business, how have your experiences as a black woman shaped your leadership style?

V. Venesulia: My time in the Marine Corps exposed me to the best of the best in leadership. Hands down- I was under the best leadership the world has to offer. People who write books on leadership write about how Marines train, lead, and execute. I’m so blessed to have that be part of my training as a leader. It’s unparalleled.

Along my journey in corporate America, I have seen good leaders who have been excellent examples of leadership, and I have also seen the bad ones. I aim to model the good qualities I saw in great leaders and took notes on how not to lead from the bad ones.

My teams have also helped shape me as a leader. Being able to recognize when they are still developing in a role or ready for a new challenge is also essential. Empowering them to lead and launch is my goal. I aim to meet them where they are, ensure that they have everything necessary in the equipping process, and support them as they learn, launch, lead, and grow.

What lessons can others draw from your experiences in Business and in Tech?

V. Venesulia: Remember that everything you do has a greater purpose. Look for a way to serve others and to make a positive impact on those around you. Never ever stop learning- tech moves way too fast. Keep the mission as the focus and let it guide your decisions. Keep the mission first, stay mission ready, and move onward and upward until the mission is accomplished.

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