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Get Obsessed With Your Own Freedom

Hello gorgeous you, Today is all about your why. Remember when you wanted to do what you do? What was the driving force? What made (or will make it) a must for you? For lots of entrepreneurs I speak to it eventually comes down to freedom. When you initially ask the question the reply usually comes back as ‘making money’ and that's great, nothing wrong with that but the underlying why with money is usually freedom.

What's your 'Why'?

Freedom from debt, freedom to take the kids and the family on holiday whenever you choose, freedom to travel, to write, to work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Money makes that possible but the why is freedom. What’s your why? Perhaps yours is something else. Whatever it is it's always OK. You are entitled to want whatever you want from your work. Contribution, community, an easier life? Each of you reading this will be totally unique and that's the absolute beauty of finding out your own reason for doing what you do. What will make it the obsession to succeed? You have to get completely immersed in the reasons for your hard work. When you do that then you’ve got something to pull you through when the excitement wears thin. I talked about excitement vs passion in a previous blog over on Instagram. Of course, I know you all follow me there right? Don’t confuse the two, they are very different. It's not all sparkles and hearts all of the time guys but I promise you it’s gonna be worth it! Make it a priority to remember and re-light your fire! (yes, I'm singing full-on sassy Lulu style in my head now too....) I believe in you,

Trish x

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