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Black Women Empowered Creator, Dr. Jacqueline King

Dr. Jacqueline King was born in North Carolina and now resides in Indiana. She went to college, majored in Business Administration and worked for an Electric company for over 25 years. After retirement,

Dr. King started Black Women Empowered. This was over ten years ago after watching Black Girls Rock on BET. She started in a group on Facebook with just over two hundred women. That same group today has over two hundred thousand women. Since then, she’s launched several FB Pages with millions of followers. She has over seventy thousand followers on Instagram, over one hundred thousand on Pinterest, over two hundred thousand on LinkedIn, just under three thousand on Twitter and over ten thousand on TikTok. Black Women Empowered is a Social Media Ministry/Network. Dr. King has spent years empowering women and men to have a relationship with God to love themselves and to love and support one another. She started the Non-Profit, Black Women Empowered Safe Haven to help homeless/struggling women, specifically veterans with a strong focus on domestic violence and mental illness.

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