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Dr. Ashley Lowe-Simmons Life Mission Is To Assist Black and Hispanic Families

Dr. Ashley Lowe-Simmons, LCSW-C, FSW is a God-fearing wife, mother, and servant leader. Dr. Ashley has accomplished a lot in her personal and professional life, but none of her accomplishments have been obtained with ease. She sees her life as a boxing match, round after round she has been presented with numerous challenges, but when the bell goes off, she takes a breather and gets back in the ring for the next round. You name it, she has probably endured and persevered through it! She is a testament of operating in faith and an example of God's favor. Dr. Ashley’s greatest challenge was being a Black, single mother; during this part of her life she became extremely passionate about single mothers, particularly those of Black and Hispanic descent. Being a single mother was not easy and it is even more challenging if the single mother belongs to a certain cultural demographic. Dr. Ashley's life mission is to assist Black and Hispanic families headed by single mothers with the right resources, support and education to accomplish the goals and aspirations for their families.

Dr. Ashley has been able to birth multiple businesses, all focused on the things that she is most passionate about, she calls it her three M's (moms, money, and mental health). She is the CEO of Conversations with A Clinician, the founder of Momz OnA Mission Inc., and the co-owner of Savvy Accomodations LLC. Conversations With A Clinician (CWAC) focuses on creating safer spaces for Black and Hispanic women to heal through the art of having healthy conversation, Momz OnA Mission Inc. (MOMI) is a nonprofit that uses its three towers to build exposure, mentorship, and financial empowerment for single mothers and Savvy Accommodations LLC is a business that Dr. Ashley started with her husband, Antwan; the focus of this business is to build a legacy and generational abundance for their family of eight (four children and two dogs).

Dr. Ashley stands firm on the scripture in Ecclesiastes 11:2 instructing us to invest in more than one venture and Deut 8:18 God has given each one of us the ability to produce wealth. If the pandemic has not taught us anything, we should have learned that focusing on a single income stream is financially foolish and extremely scary. Dr. Ashley vows to educate all that she comes in contact with by being real, raw and authentic. She hopes that through transparency others will learn to navigate this journey. Dr. Ashley believes that mental health is owning her story and she realizes that once she began to embrace her journey, all things came into alignment with God's purpose and timing. The "boxing ring of life" gives us tools to put in our toolboxes so that we are able to maneuver through this thing called life.


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