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Fashion Industry Expert Spotlight: Rebeckah Ruth

Rebeckah Ruth

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Africa native, Rebeckah Ruth, a veteran entrepreneur, and fashion consultant. Her biggest passions are to bring awareness to the continent of Africa, and about giving back to her country and the development of its young girls and women. Across all platforms, her passion is to empower the everyday woman, believing that when you invest in women, you change the world. Your audience will be captivated by her tell it like it is style, her sense of humor, and compassion.

Being a highly sought-after speaker, which has both trained and spoken on several stages, Rebeckah holds a uniqueness for discipline, consistency, and organization, encompassed with the love of helping people bring their inner beauty to life and have pride in who they are inside and out.

Proving attendees, the opportunity to learn that how you present yourself on the outside is a direct reflection of who you are on the inside. Rebeckah is also the founder and CEO of the global fashion nonprofit, “Worthy: The Fashion Meetup.” Where they work to build a community within the fashion industry and mentor fashion and beauty creatives. Maintaining a genuine, and passionate, while advocating for creatives, “Worthy” as an organization is much needed within the fashion industry. Currently, Worthy is located in 8 countries, with plans to expand to be located in a total of 13 countries in 2022.

Throughout Rebeckah’s career, she has produced several charity fashion shows for companies like the YWCA. Working with politicians, beauty pageant contestants, professional athletes, supermodels, recording artists, and corporate executives.

She has also had the privilege to work with several industry icons and legends. Rebeckah also supports and volunteers with non-profit organizations which aim to empower teenage girls. Other endeavors Rebeckah is a part of include being a booking Agent for a 5-star rated modeling agency, the FState, in Dallas, TX.

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